Here’s a funny Easter reflection story I picked up from my father over the Easter celebration.

I love hearing my father’s stories which he tells us with much gusto. He’s half smiling the whole-time he’s telling the story, half winking and looking for approval laughter from his family, his captive audience. I seriously think he has a set of index cards where he keeps his jokes and stories, ready to be shared at the right moment.

Embrace and Carry!

Embrace and Carry!
Embrace! - Tito Ed, Andrei and Cali -- Happy Hearts all!

This story is about Tito Jay and Tita Peach, our family friends who are both in their mid-60’s with three kids and a couple of grand children.

After attending a Holy week recollection, Tito Jay went back home, excited.
He immediately went to greet Tita Peach.
Tito Jay was unusually warm, as if he was a new man!
Tito Jay gave Tita Peach a warm embrace, to Tita’s delight :-) .
Tito Jay didn’t stop there.
Tito Jay wrapped his tired and wrinkled arms around Tita Peach’s waist
and lifted her high up in the air, with some effort of an old man!

Tita Peach was soooo touched, she was about to cry.

With tears of joy in her eyes, Tita Peach asked her husband “Why? What happened?”
Tito Jay replied: “I’m following a message from the priest in the recollection.”

Tita Peach, wondering what words had touched her husband: “What was the priest’s message?”
Tito Jay shared: “The priest’s message was : ‘Embrace and carry your cross!‘ ”  :D :D :D

Go home and plant some hugs!

When you go home today, Embrace your loved ones! Carry them! Then tell them this story! Have a good laugh!

Have a happy heart this Easter! God is good!

Happily yours,

ka edong
free hugs

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  1. I think My husband was in that church when your Tito Jay was there. He said the same thing to me. hahaha!

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