On April 21, 2008 at around 6:21 am, I was driving from Quezon City to Cavite.
I was barely 5 kilometers from my home when
I met an accident .

I share my story here.
More importantly, I share my lessons learned.
So that my death and my second life shall be more meaningful for me and for the people I love.

Life is short

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 5:31 PM, Edwin S. Soriano <edwin.soriano@gmail.com> wrote:

I met an accident this morning.
I’m safe, un-hurt, no bruises nor bumps. Thank You Lord for keeping me safe.

In PSI, there is a term we call “Dexify” – Defend, Explain, Justify.
I will NOT Dexify when I tell you the reason of my accident.
I take full responsibility for this.

It could have been worse

I was very drowsy na kanina. Twice I caught myself going off track a foot or two from the center of my lane. But I was just 5 more kilometers from home where I thought I’d rest, get a glass of water or sprite (my pang-gising) when I reach home.

But next thing I knew, I heard a loud crash and the car had tilted on the two driver-side wheels. My guess is the front right wheel went up around 3 feet from the ground. I was afraid the car would turn. I was sooo afraid, really.

I’m realizing now, that, boy, it could really have been worse. I got scared, and only now I am allowing myself to feel scared of what happened kanina.

I could have gotten hurt.
The car could have over-turned.
I could have hit another vehicle.
And even worse, I could have hit another person or I could have hurt myself.

I could have died.

It could have been worse.
And indeed, it is cause for thanksgiving that it was just the car that got damaged.
Thank you ma for offering that thanksgiving mass.
I am saying my own prayers of thanks too.

It could get worse

Moving forward, the only other way this accident could get “more worse” is if I fail to learn the lessons of my accident(s).

I don’t want to make things worse, so here and now, I make even more changes in my life.

From a very direct perspective, lesson is “don’t drive drowsy“.
But on a deeper level, my lesson is
“Create more balance in my life. Take care of myself so I can do more.”

Put bluntly: I have many big dreams, but I can’t do them if I’m dead, can I? ;-)

Thank you for your reminders.
Sorry if I refused to listen to your advice in the past.
I know your words of advice are filled with love.
And I could use your reminders to make my life better.

Life is short.
There’s so much I want to do, and I thank you for all the love.

Thank you! I love you!


Ka Edong Awake, Alert, Alive and Enthusiastic
Ka Edong Awake, Alert, Alive and Enthusiastic

One year after

I told a good friend of mine that I’m commemorating my death today.
She was disturbed and told me that it’s unnecessary.

But to me, it is important to remember this day.
For with the keen awareness of death is the awareness of life and it’s finite-ness.

Life is short, so today be kind!
Life is short, so today smile!
Life is short, so today laugh!
Life is short, so today hug!
Life is short, so today share!
Life is short, so today learn!
Life is short, so today teach!
Life is short, so today let go!
Life is short, so today say sorry!
Life is short, so today forgive!
Life is short, so today live your dreams!

Life is short, so today live and love!

Tomorrow, repeat.
And each day, we live to the fullest.

This day last year, I woke up to a new life.


5 thoughts on “This day last year, I died

  1. Hi edz! Thank God u’re safe mahfriend! Take care and PRAY lagi. Evils are hanging out anywhere, don’t loose ur grip on HIM. Yeah, life is great so let’s live life to the fullest. We still have missions to accomplish too. hehe.. ;) Cge po, my prayers for you too. God Bless!

  2. Hello Ka Edong, God really knows the right time to awake us,to remind us to remember him and remind us that we have a purpose in this life.

    Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing…

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