Got this via email. Awesome how strangers can change something deep inside of us.

Best Day of My Life

Many thoughts cross your mind one hour before the beginning of an Ironman Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Can I finish? Was my training plan sound? Did I do everything I possibly could to prepare myself for the day? What if I get a flat tire on the bike? What is my nutrition plan for the bike and run?

Self doubt is natural.

As I rode down the hotel elevator one hour before the beginning of Ironman Wisconsin , I overheard the following conversation between strangers:

Stranger 1 – “Good morning. How are you?”
Stranger 2 – “Best day of my life.”
Stranger 1 – <surprised by the reply, silence, apprehension for the Ironman race>
Stranger 2 – “Young man, make this the best day of your life.”

These simple 5 words from an anonymous stranger stayed with me for the next 11 hours 37 minutes and 12 seconds to the finish line. They were spoken without hesitation or rehearsal. They were spoken with wisdom, passion, and gratefulness. Ironman Triathlons have a way of magnifying yet simplifying life. There are only so many things in life you can control. You are 100% in control of your attitude. Your daily ‘self talk’ can be negative or positive. The choice is yours.

Stranger 2 turned out to be Frank Farrar, the former Governor of South Dakota and 79 year old Ironman Triathlete. Frank has competed in over 30 Ironman distance Triathlons and continues to compete. Thank you Frank for these words.

Steve Muller

Steve Muller is the President of a Wisconsin automotive sales and finance company. He is a 3 time Ironman finisher and 20 time Marathon finisher.

Thanks Kristine for sharing!

Ka Edong Singapore Marathon (Dec 2007)
Ka Edong Singapore Marathon (Dec 2007)

ka edong
here’s to a lifetime of best days!

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