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Purpose in Life: 
“To help more, thus be more.” 
As I help more, I become more of the person my God has created me to be.
As I become more of that person, I am able to help more of God’s people.
Profile: Edwin S. Soriano
Edwin Ka Edong Soriano - Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Coach
Edwin Ka Edong Soriano – Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Coach

Edwin is the Founding Vice President for Internal Affairs of Team Planu Inc – an Ideation and Marketing consultancy that recently held the Digital Kick-Ass Innovation workshop. He is an adjunct professor and an alumnus of the Asian Institute of Management where he took his Master in Development Management. He is a Subject Matter Expert for the IMMAP-Ateneo Certified Digital Marketer Program developing and delivering courses such as the e-Commerce and e-Ethics modules.

He is a freelance consultant and corporate trainer for TrainStation Inc. and Next Step Training and Consulting catering to some of the top companies in the Philippines including Toyota, BPI, Jollibee, Leo Pharma, PMFTC, Ogilvy and Nestle among others. He has also conducted trainings for Makati City Government, Maynilad and other service-oriented organizations.
As a business owner, he established www.RunnersRunner.com in 2010 — an online registration platform catering to race organizers and running enthusiasts. Prior to taking the leap of entrepreneurship, he held positions in technical training and product development at Smart Communications, Intel Philippines and the Foundation for IT Education and Development.
He is the author of three technology books including the first e-Government study in the Philippines in 2004. He continues to write in his three blogs about personal development, technology and an OFW blog for personal finance and communications.
In 2009, at the height of a storm, our speaker created the first online volunteer disaster response database for Ondoy survivors. Together with fellow volunteers, he currently leads the online relief operations for Pablo survivors via the volunteer group  RescuePH.com .
Last updated: Dec 2012

Edwin writes and speaks about these themes and more: 

  • Innovation, Creativity, Ideation, Strategy, Planning
  • Personal Development, Empowered Mindset, Relationships, Spirituality, Nation Building, Volunteerism, Healing
  • Productivity, Public Speaking
  • Finance, Investing, Financial Literacy, Microfinance
  • Liesure, Travel, Photography, Running
  • OFW Services, Financial and Communications Services (via www.eOFW.net)
  • Technology, blogging, e-Governance/m-Governance, e-Commerce/m-Commerce, e-Learning, Social Media, e-Ethics, cyber-bullying, Social Media corporate policies.
  • (If you have a topic in mind that needs a speaker, ask EdWIN, he just might create a talk or learning module for you.)

Services Offered:

  • Consultancy, Training, Life Coaching, Facilitation, Writing, Photography

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The original “About” page published on Oct 16, 2007 is preserved below for posterity:

Purposeful Penguin is about personal development and living a life of success and purpose for the goals that you set for yourself!

Edwin Ka Edong Soriano
Edwin Ka Edong Soriano


Where am I, where to?

Let me start by telling you where I am.

I am in a life phase of extremely blissful growth. I am in the PSI Starshooters program (go Team 69!) and am enjoying every minute of it!

I’m learning so much, achieving so much and loving it.

Let me share with you my goals for 90 days ending January 6, 2007

Personal goal:

I have mind, body and heart wellness to conquer a 42 kilometer marathon exhibiting my self-love and purposefulness by 6 January 2008.

Professional goal:

I have P50,000 monthly passive income exhibiting focus, discipline and decisiveness in my formal employment and business advocacies by 6 January 2008.


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