Be Happy Hungry - 12 Keys to being Happy for who you are, Hungry for who you could be

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I know what it’s like. You’ve been working on your career, working on your business for 10 years or more, and you’re still going for your dreams. You’re doing what you know, and yet you feel the progress isn’t as good as you want it.

  • And you’re asking yourself, is there a better way?
  • Why am I not progressing enough?
  • How can I do better, be better?

How can I be who I am meant to be?

I’ve asked these questions myself. I know what it’s like.

I’ve studied how to create transformations through my various training and certifications (more than Php 2Million invested in my own personal development). And I’ve applied these skills not just on myself, moreso on thousands and thousands of clients from Business owners, HR practitioners, professionals and freelancers.

I’ve helped business owners discover what’s holding them back and how to overcome their blockages. I’ve enabled professionals to discover the key to magnifying their impact 2x, 3x even 4x of where they were before coaching. I’ve empowered freelancers to step into their greatness and be free to be who they are meant to be!

If you feel there’s so much more you can do, so much more you can be, you owe it to yourself to unleash the greatness from within.

Let me help you.
Coach Edwin S. Soriano

12 years

Coaching Experience

1,016.7 hrs

Coaching Delivered

Php 2,398,000

Monetary Investment in Self

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