Litratuwaan #4: Saan ito?
I crossed this bridge on foot. When I entered on one side of the bridge it was afternoon and still bright. When I exited on the other side and it was night time and all dark!
Question: Where is this place?

Litratuwaan #4: Where is this?
Litratuwaan #4: Where is this?

Answer to Litratuwaan #4 next week, Friday.

Answer to Litratuwaan #3:

What is it?
It’s a photo of a hot air balloon taken from the inside. This photo was taken while the balloon was still being inflated, so it was still lying on its side. Beautiful colors, don’t you agree?

Congratulations, Mona! You got it! Here are some more Hot Air Balloon photos.

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colorful life

5 thoughts on “Litratuwaan #4

  1. Hello there!
    I think I know where is that place in your Picture #4… It’s in San Juanico Bridge. Am I right? I’ve been there ;-)

  2. Edwin, where you in Leyte on the date of your post? I was in Tacloban during that week sana nagkita tayo doon.

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