Good Samaritan in Blue Uniform

I was driving down South Expressway when I saw this scenario.

  • A motorcycle was parked along the highway right in front of Paseo de Magallanes.
  • A man, presumably the owner of the motorcycle, was dressed in blue slacks, black jacket and a helmet; he was pushing a white taxi that stalled on the highway.

I brought out my camera as I was going to Paseo de Magallanes to do an errand. And I took photos of the Good Samaritan at work. I was amazed at what I discovered as the story unfolded right in front of me. You’ll be amazed when he finally turns around and you’ll recognize his blue uniform.

Take a look and tell me what you see ;-) .

Who is this Good Samaritan in Blue Uniform? 

Who is this Good Samaritan in Blue Uniform?

Who is this Good Samaritan in Blue Uniform? #KindnessEpidemic #GoodSamaritaninBlueUniform #GSBU

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Q&A with Mahal and Ka Edong

I had the chance to exchange thoughts with a fellow-coach, Mahal Hudson, who is based in Canada. She asked me some challenging questions, and I loved having the chance to reflect upon her questions.

Q&A with Ka Edong

Q&A with Mahal and Ka Edong

These were questions from Mahal:

1. What do you think is your purpose in life?
2. What do you think is your life’s mission?
3. If can sum up who you are and you do in just six lines what would that be?
4. What made you turn into blogging in the first place?
5. What inspires you to become who you are right now?

Move over to Mahal’s blog to find out how I answered these questions ;-) .

I interviewed Mahal as well. Here’s what Mahal shared.

Ka Edong

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“Laugh and Love Life” says Filipina Life Coach in Canada

People come into our lives for a reason. I don’t always know the reason, I just believe that there is always a purpose in each encounter.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Mahal Hudson, a fellow life coach based in Toronto, Canada. It was an interesting discovering bits and pieces about Mahal. Through our exchange of emails, Mahal and I explored how this virtual acquaintance can be made more meaningful for both of us. We decided to interview each other.

Below, I share my questions and Mahal’s answers. Through this interview, I was blessed as I read through the stories and insights of Mahal. May this interview nourish you as well. ;-)


p.s. In the very last question, I was moved, mostly because she does something cathartic that most of us don’t allow ourselves to do. Be blessed!

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What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

I got off a cramped van which took me from Taft to Tagaytay together with two teachers and a family of three mothers, 2 teenagers and 4 toddlers. Onwards, I hauled myself, my trolley bag and my shoulder bag (heavy with notebooks, books and a laptop) into a tricycle that would take me to the hotel amidst the cool Wednesday morning air of Tagaytay.

I felt tired from the trip, but absolutely upbeat as I walked with a skippity-skip to the conference room. In this room I would spend the next four days learning from the masters.

I felt it was destiny that brought me here. I was at Bo Sanchez’s Bestselling Authors Bootcamp.

I had the awesome opportunity to spend 4-days in Tagaytay with 45+ participants, all Bestselling Authors in the making. I attended through the help of my friend and co-author Jhet Van Ruyven. My task is to learn as much as I can at the bootcamp and publish our Success journal with Jhet. And I was raring to go!

It was a jam packed 4-days. Let me summarize my experience with the 5 Things I Love about the Bestselling Authors Bootcamp. Continue reading What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

Tongue-in-Cheek with Nick Vujicic: No arms, no legs, no worries!

When we finally got there, Rezza and I drove up the new parking building and strategized how to rush to our seats in the Smart Araneta Coliseum in the shortest time. We knew we missed some of the early performances. We just wanted to make sure we were there to welcome one extraordinary man.

We were there to meet the inspiring man with no arms, no legs and no worries! The powerful Aussie who has travelled the world, his name is Nick Vujicic (pronounced voo-yee-chee-ch , you’re welcome!).

I first heard about Nick Vujicic through emails, photos and videos. And since then, I’ve been a fan. I have his latest book, Unstoppable, and I enjoy reading Nick’s stories. Even in some of the trainings that we conduct, we show videos of Nick to inspire our audiences.

After the jump, I’ll show you a short video for those who don’t know Nick like I do (ehem, first name basis kami, hehehe). And I’ll share what I’ve learned from Nick’s talk.

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What I learned from my mother: She knows Everything! Everything!

I dedicate this article to my mom, Flordeliz “Flor” Sabolboro-Soriano. Known as “Baby” or “Babes” to her friends and relatives, known as “mom” or “ma” or “mother” to me and my siblings.

I first met my mom when I was born ;-) . She was 34 when she gave birth to me. I was the youngest of 4 siblings.

I was very close to my mom. I remember many childhood days when it was only me and mom at home while my siblings were at school and dad was at the clinic. Those were fun times for me just being with mom, helping her with house chores, cooking, sweeping the floors.

I remember helping her in the kitchen as she baked some of our favorite banana cakes or fruitcakes. I remember looking forward to licking the batter from the baking utensils. (Ooops, that might have been a secret between mom and I — otherwise, dad might say: “That’s unsanitary!”)

Let me share some things I learned from my mom as I was growing up.

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From Flunking High School Teen to Honor Teachers

I was at the Kerygma Conference a few weeks ago. I sat there with the audience as a lady with very short hair (as if two weeks after getting a skinhead) blasted through on-stage and delivered a poem in Filipino. She was inviting us into a theatrical extravaganza like a vendor selling her wares ;-) .

As I was listening our speaker of the Education stream, Dr. Vene Rallonza, I was deeply touched when she told of students who circled back to her to share how their lives had been touched by Dr. Vene.

Right there while I was listening to Dr. Vene, I remembered two of my teachers in Philippine Science High School. They were both named Ms. Aguila.  That put a smile on my face, because Eagles have such a deep meaning to me. Let me tell you about my teachers.

Ms. Aguila and the tape

Ms. Aguila was our Continue reading From Flunking High School Teen to Honor Teachers

Dance your Heart Out!

David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might … – 2 Samuel 6:14

How much commitment do you give to what you do?
Do you give just enough? Or do you give all you’ve got?

Have you seen people who do their job just because they have to? You will feel how un-committed they are to their job. You see it on their sad zombie face. You can hear their words of complaint. You see their lack of commitment with the poor results of their work. You can even feel their negative energy. They have no commitment nor love for what they do.

I was watching an episode from America’s Best Dance Crew where the dance groups were asked to choreograph moves inspired by Michael Jackson. In that episode, I learned a new way to describe the power I feel when I watch Michael Jackson:

“When Michael Jackson makes a move, he gives his full commitment to it.
He puts his whole mind, soul and being into that one single move.
And then you can feel his love and energy.”

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Re-connecting with Braveheart

From the top of my head, I can name a handful of my all-time favorite movies. Always on the list is Braveheart (Mel Gibson, 1995).

It’s ironic that I’ve refer to it as one of my all-time favorite movies for almost 16 years now even if I missed some crucial parts of the movie. What was it about the movie that made it to my top list of movies?

Meeting Braveheart

I first watched Braveheart in 1995 . I watched it in SM North EDSA as a college student. That was the time when we did not yet have the discipline of getting in the “moviehouse” *before* the movie started. I realize now that there was a 15-minute segment at the start which was crucial in painting the picture of William Wallace – Braveheart, the lead character of the movie.



I always referred to Braveheart as a favorite movie. I thought it was because of the enormity of the battle scenes. I thought it was because I had a huge crush on Braveheart’s wife (played by Catherine McCormack ) who was executed early in the story but who continued on as a presence in Braveheart’s life all the way to Continue reading Re-connecting with Braveheart

Captain Lim, my mentor, my friend

On April 24 at 2pm a good friend and a great man passed away at the age of 90.
Captain Roberto “Bobby” H. Lim is my mentor and my friend.
I rejoice in the opportunity to learn from Capt Lim and I bless him for the friendship we shared.

Captain Lim, my mentor, my friend
Captain Lim, my mentor, my friend

Meeting Captain Lim, my teacher

I first met Captain Lim in 2005 when I was a student in his elective class in AIM. The class was called Sources and Uses of Power or SUPR.

He sent a preparation e-mail with a set of questions for us to answer before our first meeting. From that email alone, I could tell that this professor means business. I was expecting to meet a middle aged military man with a matikas built and a stern face.

I was surprised to find a Continue reading Captain Lim, my mentor, my friend