Three Ways to Lead Like a Swordsman

Three Ways to Lead Like a Swordsman

“Whatever it is that you do, you are influencing people.”
Lessons From the Movie “Hero”, Jet Li (2002)

The Movie Hero (2002) starring Jet Li is a classic. Most people who’ve watched it will probably remember the vivid colors in each of the movie’s distinct scenes. Of course, the fight scenes are memorable with its choreography and artistry. The music and cinematography complete this masterpiece of a movie.

After watching it many times as a visual, auditory and heart spectacle, I began to see more clearly the deeper nuances behind the story.… Continue reading ...

Good Samaritan in Blue Uniform

I was driving down South Expressway when I saw this scenario.

  • A motorcycle was parked along the highway right in front of Paseo de Magallanes.
  • A man, presumably the owner of the motorcycle, was dressed in blue slacks, black jacket and a helmet; he was pushing a white taxi that stalled on the highway.

I brought out my camera as I was going to Paseo de Magallanes to do an errand.… Continue reading ...

Q&A with Mahal and Ka Edong

I had the chance to exchange thoughts with a fellow-coach, Mahal Hudson, who is based in Canada. She asked me some challenging questions, and I loved having the chance to reflect upon her questions.

Q&A with Ka Edong

Q&A with Mahal and Ka Edong

These were questions from Mahal:

1. What do you think is your purpose in life?
2. What do you think is your life’s mission?
3. If can sum up who you are and you do in just six lines what would that be?… Continue reading ...

“Laugh and Love Life” says Filipina Life Coach in Canada

People come into our lives for a reason. I don’t always know the reason, I just believe that there is always a purpose in each encounter.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Mahal Hudson, a fellow life coach based in Toronto, Canada. It was an interesting discovering bits and pieces about Mahal. Through our exchange of emails, Mahal and I explored how this virtual acquaintance can be made more meaningful for both of us. … Continue reading ...

What I Learned from the Bo Sanchez Bestselling Authors Bootcamp

I got off a cramped van which took me from Taft to Tagaytay together with two teachers and a family of three mothers, 2 teenagers and 4 toddlers. Onwards, I hauled myself, my trolley bag and my shoulder bag (heavy with notebooks, books and a laptop) into a tricycle that would take me to the hotel amidst the cool Wednesday morning air of Tagaytay.

I felt tired from the trip, but absolutely upbeat as I walked with a skippity-skip to the conference room.… Continue reading ...