David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might … – 2 Samuel 6:14

How much commitment do you give to what you do?
Do you give just enough? Or do you give all you’ve got?

Have you seen people who do their job just because they have to? You will feel how un-committed they are to their job. You see it on their sad zombie face. You can hear their words of complaint. You see their lack of commitment with the poor results of their work. You can even feel their negative energy. They have no commitment nor love for what they do.

I was watching an episode from America’s Best Dance Crew where the dance groups were asked to choreograph moves inspired by Michael Jackson. In that episode, I learned a new way to describe the power I feel when I watch Michael Jackson:

“When Michael Jackson makes a move, he gives his full commitment to it.
He puts his whole mind, soul and being into that one single move.
And then you can feel his love and energy.”

How can we experience this kind of commitment, love and energy in our daily life?

Have you seen security guards at a mall who greet mall guests with such gusto as if they had seen an old friend?
Or maybe waiters who serve you as if you were a member of the royal family?
Have you seen the dancing traffic enforcer who not only directs traffic but also puts in his talent for dancing? Aww!

If you haven’t seen people with such commitment for what they do, maybe you just need to open your eyes ;-) . Or open your heart …

Commitment is the choice you make and surrender to
with all your heart, mind, soul and might.
Just like David delivered the Lord’s orders, and danced before the Lord with all his might …

How about you? What do you do best?
What has the Lord called you to do for the world?

If you are a writer, do you put your heart and soul to every letter, word and sentence that you write?
If you are an accountant, do you put your mind and your love in making sure the numbers balance honestly and correctly?
If you are an employee, do you put your love into preparing that report on time and with the needed insights?
If you are a government worker, do you put your love into truly delivering the service that citizens need from you?
If you are a student, do you take in all the learnings both inside and outside the classroom?
If you are an entrepreneur, do you aim to give good value to your customers?

Do you want to see a person with commitment today? Tell the man on the mirror.

Be Blessed!


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