People come into our lives for a reason. I don’t always know the reason, I just believe that there is always a purpose in each encounter.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Mahal Hudson, a fellow life coach based in Toronto, Canada. It was an interesting discovering bits and pieces about Mahal. Through our exchange of emails, Mahal and I explored how this virtual acquaintance can be made more meaningful for both of us. We decided to interview each other.

Below, I share my questions and Mahal’s answers. Through this interview, I was blessed as I read through the stories and insights of Mahal. May this interview nourish you as well. ;-)


p.s. In the very last question, I was moved, mostly because she does something cathartic that most of us don’t allow ourselves to do. Be blessed!

Coach EdWIN interviews Mahal Hudson Avant-garde Life Coach

EdWIN: You have a very interesting name. Can you tell me more about your name? What are the stories behind your name?

Mahal Hudson Life Coach
Mahal Hudson Life Coach

To tell you the truth, there is no exciting story behind my name. Really! I have asked my parents about this several times and they told me that they just magically thought of the name Mahalina, in short Mahal. But we all know what “Mahal” means….its “love.” I think they learned from that lesson on how to better “name your child.” Why? Well, I have two younger sisters and you are probably wondering what their names are. Yes? They are the lovely Mayumi and Marilag. Now I’m guessing that you already know what it means in Tagalog? But I’ll leave that guessing with you. So, back to me.

All I can remember was what my parents have always told us about the story how I was “borned free.” As a kid, I resented that. Now, as an adult, I’m loving it. The message of the story truly resonated with me because of the journey I have gone through in my life. But I just didn’t know that when I was a child (well, most of us don’t).

“Born free” meant, from their story, I came to the world suddenly and they didn’t have tons of time to get to the right hospital. So, I was borned in a free clinic. My mother actually shared a bed with another laboring woman. My father took pity of my mother and myself that he felt that we both don’t deserve that. As soon as we are both ready to travel, we were transferred to a private room in the hospital.

Whenever I hear this story back then, we’re always laughing and I get teased by my siblings. Now, when I reflected about that moment in my life, when I first came to this world, I feel liberating!

Since then, I always feel the urge of getting to:
“where I want to be” and
“what that place or point in my life would be.”

I always feel like I’m “seeking” – whether its opportunities to grow in my relationships, my networks, increase of knowledge, to be better with my health or skills, travelling to experience culture in different parts of the world, or just soaking up moments of quiet of being alone. I always feel like I’m meant to be always “free” and be deserving of something special. And the this led me to an amazing journey…immigrating to Canada when I was just 24 years old — just all by myself with no family or friends to lean on. Some said it was neurotically insane to do that…well, I said, I came to this world and meant to be “borned free.”

EdWIN: Just like me, you’re into coaching. What experiences in your life have brought you or attracted you to the world of coaching?

Hmmmm….It all began when my younger sister was born.

Allow me to explain: My younger sister, Marilag, was born with Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. She cannot speak and cannot walk. She suffers from daily seizures and needs full care from her family. 

I yearn for her to say I Love You. I wish she can shop with me and try new lovely dresses. 

When I was just a child, I saw how my parents took care of her plus my other siblings. Despite my younger sister’s constant needs, the four of us was able to go to private colleges and never fell short with attention and love. My parents worked hard together, argued and laughed a lot. I experienced hard work, unconditional love and nothing is impossible when you have hopes and dreams.

It was year 2000 when I told them that I want to immigrate to Canada. I dreamt of life with lots of opportunities and possibilities are endless. I toil and cried for most part but all of my dreams starting to become real. Then I got involved with a non-profit organization, I worked with lots of amazing people and families. My work became a mission to bridge unconditional love and unconditional service. I dissolved lots of conflicts, averted crisis. I heard workers share their burning passion but many of them have lost their will to dream. I was told lots of times that I empowered and inspired them, but all I know that what I did was use what I learned from my parents: love is given unconditionally and no one is not worth of just “good enough.” So, my sister became my measuring stick on how quality service should be given.

And in that moment, I realized that I love to inspire and empower people so they can learn their true self and dreaming and hoping was not lost. Once we know that dreams are possible, we become joyful and happy. When a positive outlook returned, we will always serve with passion to our family and community.

In that moment, I realized I’m called to be a life coach ever since.

EdWIN: How would you describe your coaching method?

To best describe my methods, I will tell you where I stand:

I BELIEVE that everyone has a choice, no one can force you to agree or disagree.
I BELIEVE that a leader is a servant first.
I BELIEVE that wisdom shared is wisdom gained.
I BELIEVE that we’re bigger that we ever dream of.
I BELIEVE you are made for something special and you will do something special.

I decided to take this path because….

I’m damn too tired of waiting for others and leaving it to chance. I’m so fed up of people telling me it won’t work.

All I want is to solve a problem.

All I want is to make happiness part of our everyday life and of the future.

All I want to do is feel joy and a sense of purpose and success to whatever work, job, task, problems we face.

For once, I want to see people say, “let’s do it!” rather than “I can’t or don’t want to”

In a nutshell, coaching for me is all about empowerment, being forthright and having to feel joy every day.

EdWIN: What is the experience like for your clients? What do they go through? What results do they get?

Most of their feedback were: “This is crazy!” Kidding aside….the experience was “fun” because they finally reached to the understanding that living is about getting to the level of happiness on where that comfortable level is.

I specialize in group coaching packed with supercharged workshops in a shared learning experience. They receive follow-up private coaching sessions to further accelerate learning and guidance to achieve every steps in their set goals. I believe in the framework of: action towards outcomes magnified with follow-through.

They were blown away by their aspirations and how passionate they can become if it’s written and expressed.

They saw amazing changes in their personal outlook, they are more grateful, accountable and happy.

EdWIN: What’s the most challenging aspect of coaching?

The most challenging aspect of coaching is waiting.

Waiting for that time or moment when the goals are achieved for the individuals. (Sometimes I just get too excited when I’m guiding them in working on their goals and you know that they will definitely reach it and they would be amazing.)

Tackling their “fear” of breaking out.

EdWIN: What do you love about what you do?

I just love seeing people finally liberated and actually happy.

I’m an optimist and a dreamer.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people reignite passion to love life again – and feel joy and happiness every day.

(Because being joyful and happy is a beautiful thing.)

That is what I do.

And I am not confused.

EdWIN: What is something that you would do only when you are alone, and never in the presence of anybody else? :D

I allow myself to cry. It cleanses my soul, washes away my worries and it rejuvenates my mojo!
I’m not really good with grammar. (Great that I’m not perfect!)

I’m too wordy…ultimately crazy!

I just love life and I hope…to you reader….that you will find inspiration than faults.

And here’s to you (you, who managed to get to the end of this blog….thank you!):

“Surround yourself with people who uplifts you.”

“Empower one soul at a time.”

“Laugh and love life.”

<end of interview>

Thank you Mahal for reaching out!
Learn more about Mahal through her blog


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