When you and your people grow, your business grows.

Hi, I’m Edwin S. Soriano. For over ten years, I’ve helped corporate clients transform themselves and their business through powerful personal development tools and techniques. I’ve developed my own techniques through experiential learning and applied these to myself and my clients. I’ve even written about it in my book, “You Can Be Happy Again.” As an experienced coach and trainer of top leaders and high-powered CEOs, I help you create breakthroughs for your self, your business and your relationships, both professional and personal.

Coaching for Leaders

Many leaders are looking outward for their next big thing. You search and struggle to discover what is wrong, what can be improved. The thing is, when you’re in a leadership position, sometimes the view is too up-close, clouded and blurry.

Every leader needs to learn something new, because your company grows only as much as your leadership grows. You need to put personal development at the center of business development.

When you and your people grow,
your business grows.

Trainer and Consultant

Various Companies at various stages in their journey of growth have a wide need as well. Mission, Vision, Purpose, Company Culture, Ideation, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Empowerment -- these are some of the areas where we could help your team level-up.

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What people say
I’m very, very blessed to know Edwin. He’s doing a lot of work. If you want to improve your relationships, Edwin is the guy you need to talk to. Powerful transformations are happening in his seminar. Go attend his seminar.
Bro. Bo Sanchez

Bro. Bo Sanchez

Catholic Lay Preacher, Bestselling Author

This gentleman has known of me for 10 years. And yesterday he gave me something - his book. He gave, gave, gave, gave. And it cost him money to give these things. And now he’s getting! Awesome!”
Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

The World’s Leading Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers

Thank you for empowering our team with your Entrepreneurship Mindset, Goal Achievement and Company Culture Programs. The programs were unique and enjoyable. We’ll use the learnings for many years to come!
Christian Valeen Chiu

Christian Valeen Chiu

Managing Director, Chiu Kim Group of Companies Owner, Soft Artifact Inc.

Your messages of People, Purpose and Passion at our Seafarers Conference were exactly what our people and service providers needed!
Jonas Engström

Jonas Engström

CEO and Co-Founder of Wisby Tankers

It was a privilege hearing you share a very positive message to us – on how everything starts with a mindset of being a hero in your own world. The team learned a lot from you.
Jolina Kahn

Jolina Kahn

Head of Human Resources, Philippines at UnitedHealth Group, Optum Global Solutions

Today at our National Sales Convention, I have been blessed immensely by your message. We should have invited you many years ago! Thanks for sharing your time and love with us, Edwin!
Peter Paul Ronque, MD, DPBO

Peter Paul Ronque, MD, DPBO

Medical Affairs Manager, Valeant Pharmaceuticals (Bausch + Lomb, iNova, Solta)

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