Take out the trash…

In the past months, I’ve met coaching clients in various situations

  • One client complained that her son was too uptight about his academics, to the point of exhaustion.
  • Another client was too fixated with the past, it was affecting her presence for her spouse and her child.
  • Yet another client was brewing with anger management issues, with levels he hadn’t encountered before.

Here’s something I’ve observed during this pandemic….

Whereas in the past, many clients go for an overhaul: a series of coaching sessions, meeting every 2 weeks to address their crises …

  • fears
  • anxieties
  • dilemmas
  • toxic relationships
  • health issues
  • help with life direction / purpose etc.

In the past, my clients come to me during crisis — when it already hurt so bad they couldn’t stand it any longer.

Now, more and more of my coaching clients seem to have a preference towards longer-term coaching engagements.

Many clients want to have more regular recurring sessions, to help decompress, to have a space to express what they’re going through.

More clients are asking for the weekly “maintenance” sessions and in longer-term engagements of 3- to 6-months or more.

Now, more clients feel that they are in a long-term crisis and they need a recurring recharge, a recurring replenishment. Maybe even a recurring “emptying of the trash”.

This helps them have some sense of normalcy. Being able to make sense of this weird world we’re in, not needing to carry the load which would just pile up if the trash ain’t taken out.

Take out the trash.

I’m curious. To help keep your heart and mind fresh and renewed .. What’s YOUR form of taking out the trash?

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