“Best session ever”.

It’s funny because my client has been saying this line (in different ways) for the past many sessions, past many months that I’ve been coaching him. 😉

He came to me to help him overcome past trauma, overcome some failed relationships, overcome addictions. He came to me to help improve his work, the way he interacts with his colleagues, his boss, the people under him.

Because of his addiction, he reached a point of using company resources to give in to his addiction.

He believed life is unfair, and that God doesn’t like him (or doesn’t exist);
He was full of regret.
He was one sad story after another.
He came to me because their marriage was on the edge …
and just a little bit more and they might gone overboard and find themselves living separate lives.

It had come to that.

And I’m here to support my client. To help him rise up from his situation.

And he says: “Best session ever.” … almost every time.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve leaders this way.

Because of my work as a Life Coach…
A family is being blessed more with the man of the house being more present;
A company is served better through better leadership
A man contributes more because he discovers more life, more motivation, more significance in living;

Praise God!


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