It’s been a year and a half since lockdown! How has your life changed?

So many employees have experienced working from home—enjoyed it, hated it. Many of our routines have also changed. And as much as there are people who found their ‘flow’ during the pandemic, there are also others who initially felt like flailing in the absence of structure and of what was familiar.

I feel blessed to have found a new purpose and a new path during this season, and I hope the lessons I’ve learned can also help others find purpose and remain productive, especially that it looks like COVID-19 is here to stay for a while.

So if you’re looking for a way to remain motivated during this pandemic, here are 3 things to keep yourself productive, purposeful, and sane: 

Create a routine that works for you.

Routine is powerful, because it is habits—repeated actions—that help us develop the skills and behaviors we need to move towards a destination. Many people were previously driven by routines created by their circumstances—their 8 to 5 jobs, or the kids’ school schedule, for instance. 

When these imposed routines disappeared, it was up to us to create new routines that would keep us motivated. At the Rise Us! The 5am Club, our members range from employees reporting to work on weekdays to entrepreneurs managing their own businesses and their home. Regardless of our own schedule, we’ve decided to devote the first hour or two of our mornings to exercise, meditation and prayer, learning, and pursuing our passion. We also have Top 3 goals for the day, and all of these help us focus on what is truly important for us.

Determine what routine you need to create according to the goals you want to achieve.

Create a routine that works for you.

Break the illusion of unlimited time.

At the beginning, it looked like the pandemic was going to be a passing thing. The lockdown gave this initial feeling to some people, especially those working in the corporate setting, of being on a break. However, it became apparent later on that this was going on for a while, and it was important to break free from that feeling of being on vacation mode.

Working from home can sometimes give the illusion that we have all the time in the world—we don’t need to get ready in the morning and commute to work. So much time saved, right? Yup! But, it’s important to be intentional about where that free time goes. Do we use it to create beautiful moments with our family, or do we use that free time to pursue a meaningful or joyful hobby? Without being intentional, it’s so easy for that free time to disappear while we’re in bed browsing social media, or on our couch watching movies. It helps to plan our day so we stay productive.

Keep learning. Keep growing.

Are there some things you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t because you had no time in the past? This pandemic is the best time to try them.

Paint or draw? Play a musical instrument? How about create a blog or a Youtube channel?

I’m an avid reader. Prior to the pandemic, I have always loved to read books but was able to manage perhaps only 5 to 6 books a year. During this pandemic, I was able to revisit my love for books and, in fact, was able to find a way to “read” so much more content—by listening to the books in their audio format using Audible. It has allowed me to “read” even as I drive or do household chores and other activities. 

This might be a great time for you, too, to learn something new. Try a new hobby or revisit an old one. Improve your skills. Widen your network. There’s so much you can try to ignite and keep the fire in you.

This pandemic will go down in history as perhaps the biggest event of our lifetime. How do you see yourself as a person after this pandemic?

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