PasikBlogan Challenge #8: Traffic Reflections
We all experience traffic. On the road or in other areas of our life. What goes on in your mind and heart when you’re in traffic?

Traffic Thoughts

There was a time I was commuting between work in Makati and home in QC back in 2001. I remember walking to the MRT in Ayala coming from Glorietta. And I’d see a sea of people scurrying like ants in the afternoon rush hour.

I remember specifically watching people chugging along up/down the escalator of the Ayala MRT.

robots on escalator
robots on escalator

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I used to imagine how all these office workers looked to me like they were robots going home to recharge after the long work day. As they moved along on the escalator, they looked like they were in a manufacturing assembly line. And I was one of them!

I felt like I was part of a big machine. I used to imagine: “Ang sarap siguro maging painter or sculptor”. I felt as if it were the artists who were absolutely not part of the “manufacturing” of this economy.

Almost a year ago in 2010, I found myself in an un-familiar situation, as if I were in foreign territory feeling uneasy about the traffic I was in. Let me share my story…

I live in Makati. While I was working for Smart from 2008 to 2010, I would take a mere 8 minute walk to go to work. When I left employment and put together my online business, my walk to work was shortened further. Now my walk to work was the distance between my bed and my workstation at home ;-) .

One day last year, I was going to make a trip to Bataan together with friends from PSI Heroic XXXI Staff. Gen and I met up and she drove us both to Greenhills where we were going to meet with Laine and the rest of the staff.

At Greenhills, along Ortigas extension at 7am, we hit some sloooooooow moo . . . . oooving traffic. I was feeling very different that morning. And then I realized: I hadn’t experienced morning traffic for almost 2 years!

What a blessing

And with this awareness of how much traffic I had avoided the past years, it made me realize how blessed I am to have this kind of flexibility and convenience.

I don’t waste too much time or energy commuting in traffic. I am able to accomplish many things from the comforts of my home. I do not have a bundy clock to catch up with.

Thus, I’m able to enjoy my day and take things in stride … or at least that’s how I aim to be ;-)



Edwin “ka edong” Soriano

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