I’m amazed at how much this facebook post was appreciated by my friends. ;-) . Sharing here …

Yesterday, I walked past a school as a school bus (jeep) was loading up school boys.

The 20-ish y.o. assistant of the school bus was making fun of passers-by, heckling, gesturing w his hands and hips, making offensive remarks toward female pedestrians passing right in front of him. He thought it was funny. Some kids laughed along.

The women pedestrians just ignored him. I, on the other hand, couldn’t take it.

I looked at the heckler straight in his eyes.
I told him: “Akala mo ba maganda ang ginagawa mo?”
(“Did you think you’re doing something nice?“)

With a smile, I addressed the kids: “Boys, respeto. Alam ninyo kung ano ang nakaka-sakit, at kung ano ang nakaka-buti.”
(“Boys, respect. You know what’s harmful, you know what’s good.”)

Then, I walked away and let go. :-)

Recalling the look in the heckler’s eyes, I got a glimpse of my self. I know what it’s like to be “funny” for the approval of peers, and at the expense of others. I was like that before.

I’m learning now that respect is a big word to live by.

Lack of respect for others is a lack of respect for our self and the God in us.


The Respect You Give Others ...
“The Respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.” – Robin Sharma
Photo credits: www.RobinSharma.com

Note: Originally posted on facebook on Feb 19, 2013 . 

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