I was at the Money Summit at SMX on Friday and Saturday. It was a very good use of my time, very worthwhile, gained a lot of learning from the conference presentations, the expo booths and the conversations with fellow investors. This is a continuation of my Money Summit article of Day 1. 

I’d just like to conclude this story with the second day of the Money Summit. Despite the strong rains in the Metro, we had a very good attendance on the second day of the Money Summit.

Here are some highlights from 9 to 5 Millionaire (Leila Hernandez), Creative Real Estate Selling (Eric Soriano!), Foreclosed Real Estate Investing (Noli Alleje) and Forex Trading (Mark So).

Leila Hernandez – The 9 to 5 Millionaire

It started out with Leila Hernandez sharing her story to becoming a 9 to 5 Millionaire. She set out to become financially free in 7 years, wanted more so she extended a bit to 10 years. While working for McDonald’s managing 36 countries around the world, she would go to Lucky Plaza in Singapore to eat Halo-halo and palabok and talk to fellow OFWs. She would hear stories of financial disasters — many Filipinos just don’t know how to manage their finances. Thus, the inspiration behind writing her book, the 9 to 5 Millionaire.

Leila Hernandez the 9 to 5 Millionaire
Leila Hernandez the 9 to 5 Millionaire: Are you the next 9 to 5 Millionaire?

Some notes from Leila’s presentation:

  • Make Henry Sy work for you! Buy stocks of SM, for example, and be a part-owner of the company. Let the company’s experts grow your money.
  • Weekend property Investing
    • Plan, Decisions, Target
    • Strategic 80/20 Execution ; 10,000 hours
    • Do it! We learn by experience
  • Contact Leila at inquiry@9to5Mil.com , www.9to5Mil.com , www.facebook.com/the9to5Millionaire .
 Eric Soriano – Creative ways of selling Real Estate
Eric Soriano Creative Ways of Selling Real Estate
Eric Soriano Creative Ways of Selling Real Estate

I just had to listen to someone whose name is Eric Soriano. He’s a veteran in the real estate industry and a professor at AIM and Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He spoke of Creative selling of Real Estate. In essence, Eric espoused the use of social media to create public relationships with buyers.

  • Tama na ang “public relations” campaigns. Create public relationships
  • Quit the flyering – all the paper is just going to waste and killing trees.
  • Solutions are stories. Share these stories on a blog.
  • Solve something
  • Involve people
  • Enable people
  • In a condo, if your neighbors cannot pay association dues, YOU inevitably pay for their dues. Because when neighbors don’t pay, the building will have a small budget to maintain, clean, secure, improve the building. Inevitably, only the people who pay will be shouldering the entire bill (and those who don’t pay still benefit from the building’s maintenance).

Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje – Investing in Foreclosed Real Estate

Noli El Subastahero Alleje on Foreclosed Property investing
I bought my first Real Estate property EVER in 2006 from Noli El Subastahero Alleje. He spoke of Foreclosed Property Investing at the Money Summit and Wealth Expo. Hehey! Hehey!

And then there was the dynamic presentation of Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje (hehey! hehey!) . I bought my first real estate property through Noli in an auction circa 2006. Noli said that the glory days of real estate are past. And there still are opportunities out there. He showed us lots of good and fun examples of how he turns around foreclosed real estate properties and makes a profit from them. One of the houses he bought was filled with trash from the neighbors. He bought it, cleaned it up, sold the *shell* of the house (only the walls). He made a profit. All good!

Mark So – Forex Trading, More Fun in the Philippines!

Forex Trading is More Fun with Mark So
Forex Trading is More Fun with Mark So

Lastly, there was a presentation by Mark So about foreign exchange trading.

  • Buy and Sell Currencies (Long Term = investing; Short Term = trading)
  • Interest Income when Holding on to Currencies
  • Investment = Buy, Hold, Pray
  • Trading = Buy & Praying faster
  • Why earn 20% in a year (or in 10 years) when you can earn 20% in 10 hours (or even 400% in 10 hours). If you want to earn 400% in 10 hours, the question is, are you willing to lose all your money in 10 hours? Mark teaches: Learn to be willing to lose all that money — because it leaves you with 364 more days to gain it back (compared to aiming to earn in 1 year).
  • Mark gave a very compelling presentation, which inspired me to learn more about foreign exchange trading. Now I understand better what my good friend Ric was telling me about many years ago. ;-) .
  • Mark’s Foreign Exchange Master Class provides:
    • Student for life
    • Learn by lecture and Example — Copy all of Mark’s trades; Best way to cheat!

More to learn, more to gain, more to build the country

I also loved the conversations I had with participants during the summit. We especially had good conversations with Fitz and Rezza right after the summit. Here are people who are aligned in growing our SELVES and our investments. It’s good to be in good company. Read Fitz’ story and presentation at the Money Summit 2012.

I gave my first Money Summit a very high grade of 5 of 5. Of course there are areas of improvement. We got to hear a lot of good presentations, and some presentations that did not have value to me. When I spoke to fellow participants, it was a similar sentiment. We identified the same speakers whom we benefitted the most from.

My bottom-line feedback for the Money Summit: MORE PARTICIPANTS! You know how the travel expo is sooooo big, so many participants, so hyped up. What I dream of for Money Summit is for it to grow as big as the travel expo or bigger.

I hear from Heinz Bulos, organizer of the Money Summit, that there are talks of bringing the Money Summit to our OFWs in neighboring countries (Hong Kong, Singapore etc.). Oh, I will pray for that. There is soooo much that we need to learn as a country about investing in the Philippines. I also pray for the continued growth in circulation of the MoneySense Magazine which Heinz publishes.

If you’re in Cebu, make sure you catch the Cebu Money Summit and Wealth Expo on August 2-3 at the Waterfront Hotel.

I have Airick Daquioag to thank for having me and Rezza as his guests at the Summit. And I have the Lord to thank for all the serendipity. The Universe Conspires!

(See Money Summit highlights from Day 1)

More photos from the Money Summit and Wealth Expo

Rezza Custodio and Leila Hernandez Money Summit 2012
Rezza Custodio and Leila Hernandez Money Summit 2012. “We just might be the next book Author” :-)
Mark So and Edwin Soriano Money Summit 2012
Mark So and Edwin Soriano Money Summit 2012. “Be ready to win big, and ready to lose it all too (and earn it back fast too!)”
Eric Soriano and Edwin Soriano at the Money Summit
Eric Soriano and Edwin Soriano at the Money Summit. Creative Way to sell Real Estate: Social Media

ka edong
Growing boy!

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