The Feast is about Abundance. The Feast is about being in a loving and happy community. The Feast is about nourishment for the soul. The Feast is about Growth. Apart from my own private 1-on-1 with God, The Feast has become my spiritual home. Partake in the abundance of The Feast!

The Weekly Feast
The Weekly Feast

The first time I attended The Feast was by invitation of our college friend, Kristine Aganon. I attended it in Valle Verde clubhouse circa 2008 together with my brother Eric.

It was funny because one of the first things I noticed about The Feast was the improvement areas. Specifically, I was wondering why they kept using photos of caucasians in the powerpoint presentations. Second, I was worried about the safety of the place. I felt as if the venue was too jam packed and it would take too much time for people to leave safely in case of an emergency evacuation.

When I told this to Kristine, she replied: “I see. What did you *like* about The Feast?”. I love it! I love Kristine’s feedback. That was a shift for me, from an observer looking for something *wrong* to an attendee who realized, “Ang ganda pala ng natutunan ko sa Feast!” From then on, I’ve been attending The Feast as much as I can.

What is “The Feast”?

In my own words, The Feast is a gathering where participants get spiritual nourishment through practical inspirational bible-based talks. The Feast is led by its founder, Bro Bo Sanchez together with his team of preachers, builders and numerous leaders and volunteers.

The Feast is held in different parts of the Philippines and the world. We have the flagship Feast at PICC on Sundays. We also have the Feast in Makati, Manila, Alabang, Quezon City, Ortigas to mention a few in the Philippines. Around the world, we have The Feast in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), US, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Canada among others.

At the PICC Feast, we have a 1 hour Catholic Mass followed by teachings by Bro Bo.

After many years of existence (I think 25 years na), the leaders of The Feast decided cater to the “un-churched”. As taught by Bo, the Feast is meant to reach out to those who have stopped going to church for whatever reason. People who most need the spiritual nourishment that they have not been receiving from other avenues.

The Feast PICC (via Bo Sanchez's facebook page)
The Feast PICC (via Bo Sanchez’s facebook page)

What I love about The Feast

1. I love the messages

When I attend The Feast, I make it a point to bring a ballpen because I want to take note of the messages. The messages are simple and straightforward. They are practical and actionable.

The messages at The Feast are packaged in a series of talks. For instance, in one series entitled “Life Savor”, the messages were about how to enjoy life.

  Talk 1: Relax in God’s Love
Talk 2: Heal Your Shame
Talk 3: Practice Self-Care
Talk 4: Give Yourself the Gift of Limits

Life Savor
Life Savor

For each of the talks, there are bible verses upon which the teachings are based. Each talk typically has 1-3 core messages that are simple to understand. And easy to share too!

For instance, I realized that the messages typically have fun-funny-true stories. Stories are a good way to teach because people can relate to stories so quickly. The Feast uses a lot of good stories that people are able to bring with them, share them and, in the process, share the messages and lessons too.

Last week, my friend Lawrence started telling me how he absolutely could relate to the story about the helpless friend who tied a rope to “you” and jumped of the cliff with a river below. This was a story about taking care of yourself (the gift of Limits). When I heard that story from Lawrence, I saw how powerful a good story is. People can relate to it better, people can share the story to other people more easily. Read the full story of the man and the cliff-jumping friend here: (scroll down to) A story with a Big Question.

2.) I love the growth

I’m a “growth” person. It is one of my core values and my purpose in life. I love that the Feast is reaching out to soooo many people, helping them grow in their spiritual life, helping them have more meaningful relationships, helping them be more abundant in mindset and finances. The Feast teaches us to grow our finances — for the purpose of being able to love more. At the same time, it also teaches us to Tythe .

I love that The Feast aims to create 1,000 Feasts around the world. That is how big the dream is. When I first heard of this dream, I was totally inspired. I was totally inspired to have the courage to dream bigger. Imagine this community, The Light of Jesus Family, being present in all parts of the world. WOW! That is a big dream. And I am inspired to help in this dream. I am inspired to dream big myself.

I love to be part of The Feast’s growth. I’ve seen how the leaders continue to try out new things to see how best to grow the community. They recently opened another avenue to get the community more involved in *creating* the talks. That’s innovation, and I’ll be helping out with that too. ;-)

3.) I love the connection with my God

When I am at the Feast, it is a sanctuary for me. I allow myself to just say the prayers of my heart. I allow myself to listen to the messages of God through the words of the bible, the words of the speakers, the words of the priest, the songs of the worship ministry. I just listen to my inner voice and know that God has messages for me.

I express in prayer some of my doubts, my longing, my dreams. I just know that whatever it is I am feeling at the moment, my good Lord has something bigger for me. The Feast helps to remind me of how much my good Lord loves me.

4.) I love the hope and inspiration

During The Feast, we pray the Novena to God’s Love. It’s a prayer that empowers people to receive God’s Blessings, Healing ang miracles. It opens the hearts and minds of people so that abundance flows to us and through us. In my novena to God’s Love, I’ve listed my 7 dreams that I pray for everyday. My dreams include life goals related to Relationships, Professional, Financial, Spiritual, Self-expression, World contribution, Physical, Liesure ;-) .

I love that The Feast equips me with empowering mindsets that help me move forward towards my goals, towards my growth, towards having better relationships in my life.

Jay Jay as Feast Greeter
Jay Jay as Feast Greeter

Come, let’s join us! ;-) 

The Feast is different things for different people. For me, the Feast is a time for me to discover the blessings that our good Lord has in store for me.

I know that The Feast will bless you, no matter what it is you’re going through. I hope and pray that I see you soon at The Feast!

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There is a Feast near you. Visit the KerygmaFamily website for a The Feast venues and schedules. For more information, please contact (+632) 725-9999 or email Roy Pasimio ( or Annie Mesias (

You can also watch The Feast live online at . Checkout also The Feast video archive. 


Makati Feast Glorietta
Makati Feast Glorietta
Makati Feast Greeter (Glorietta Cinema 3, 9:30am)
Makati Feast Greeter (Glorietta Cinema 3, 9:30am)
Father Eric Santos gives light humorous and meaningful homilies at The Feast
Father Eric Santos gives light humorous and meaningful homilies at The Feast
Bro Randy gave a heartfelt talk on Father's day at the Makati Feast
Bro Randy Borromeo gave a heartfelt talk on Father’s day at the Makati Feast
Ka Edong with Makati Feast Builder Randy Borromeo
Ka Edong with Makati Feast Builder Randy Borromeo

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