I was chatting over facebook with friend Jhet Van Ruyven.

Still related with my story about creating new happy memories.

Ka Edong living in the moment
Ka Edong living in the moment. With a Giraffe in Calauit Island, Coron, Palawan. Just being and just at awe with this wonderful creation of our good Lord. God is good! Life is great!

I shared with Jhet a story from a book I read back in 1998.

I told the story from memory and was pleased with the way I re-wrote the story on chat.

So I’m re-publishing it here on my blog. Hope you find something to learn from my share.

1:34amMe Hey, may i share something?


Go share. love to hear ur sharing


have you heard of the book “einstein’s dreams”?


NO – albert A dreams?



it’s a series of short stories, playing with plots re: time, space, love, age etc.

i read the paperback back in 98


one of the stories is …

in this (fantasy) world

in this fantasy world of the short story

each person has a codigo book

which tells him/her what to do for each part of the day

because people in this fantasy world have no memory

they rely on their own diary to guide them

at the end of the day, they look at their diary and find out where to go home

and when they go home, they meet (for the first time since they can remember — and they can’t remember) … their loving spouse

yes, their loving spouse. they know because it’s written in their diary

then they have a short chat about their day

and then have a romantic dinner

and put their kids to bed

and they awkwardly go to bed in pyjamas

because it’s their first time (as far as they could remember) that they’re sleeping together

and they make love passionately —

because in this world, every moment together is a first time

no baggages

no history

just the knowledge that this is the only moment they have right now

(end of sharing)

man, i should copy this!


HERE AND NOW. this is the only way to live buddy. – great sharing.

that’s as simple it’s going to get – that story.. i love the source.

in the moment is the best..

Life is Now.

ka edong
here. now.

2 thoughts on “Life is Now

  1. Ka Edong my dearest angel friend, aka “Passive Influence leader” :-)
    Just saw this today and this put a big wide smile on my face. I didn’t know you posted this – inspired thought and conversation during wee hours are the best – I wondered now where in the world was I when we where chatting – was I home in Canada, in USA, in South America or in Asia? Regardless that story penetrated my heart and my being and when I want to make love passionately I connect to this story ha.ha.ha.ha.. will print this in my upcoming book with your permission – here and now is the only way to live – by being HERE NOW – no attachment, no baggage, no history just he “PRESENT MOMENT” living in a moment at its best. Hugs. J

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