Problems are just memories.

To overcome bad memories, create new happy memories.

God is Good! Life is Great!

The past week has been rather busy for me. I had a business trip to Cavite, spent time with my bespren Jorey and did online work until late at night a couple of nights in a row.

I arrived groggy at Terminal 3 last Saturday to catch our flight to Coron.

I decided that while waiting for boarding, I was going to catch me some sleep.

As I lay there in the upholstered seats of Terminal 3, I found myself switching between two feelings.

Sleeping in Airport (photo from
Sleeping in Airport (photo from

One feeling was pure excitement and joy of travelling with good friends – there were 40+ in our Coron tour group, around 25 of them already good friends from PSI.

Coron Giraffes awaiting
Coron Giraffes awaiting

The other feeling was a feeling of loss or “pagka-sayang”.

You see, I had wanted to go to Coron together with a good friend, Nats. Nats had seen her friends’ photos at Calauit with giraffes and zebras. Nats wanted to have that experience too. But Nats and I are no longer together, no longer communicating. And here I was, going to Coron with good friends, but not with Nats.

Shifting feelings

As I was switching between feelings of joy and feelings of pagka-sayang, I was getting tired and bogged down. Why am I feeling down when this is such an exciting trip that my friends had planned for more than three months? We had built up the excitement of the trip and here we were on the verge of flying to our dream destination.

Exercise: Theoretical selective (lack of) memory

As I lay there, half-reflecting and half-dreaming, I imagined myself like Jason Bourne of Bourne Identity.

I imagined myself having the same positively awesome mindset and attitude, having the same knowledge and skills, but not having a memory of what I had gone through the past years. Given this scenario, how will I experience this trip to Coron?

Choose Joy

I chose to experience the joy of the trip, instead of the sadness/loss.

That was a milestone for me, right that moment, lying down on the airport chairs.

Problems are just memories.

We can overcome bad memories and create new happy memories.

Creating new happy memories comes hand in hand with letting go of bad memories.

With a positive mindset, I made a decision that this trip was going to be a great trip!

My Coron experience was awesome!

I was in the moment most times and was just taking in all of God’s glory!

  • Beautiful moon and stars, brilliant and vibrant corals and fish, beautiful islands, therapeutic springs and lakes, wonderful wildlife, great food (mostly), sunrise, sunsets.
  • Friendship, companionship, laughter, trust, brotherhood/sisterhood, conversations, playing, dancing, singing, discovering new things together.

These and all of God’s wonderful creations, wonderful creatures, wonderful people …

never fails to amaze me and I exclaim: “God is Good! Life is Great!”


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