Tonight, I was at a PSI Coffee. It’s an activity that we conduct to orient guests, family and friends about what we experienced in the PSI Leadership and Success Seminar.

One part of the coffee is self-introductions. Our format for self-introductions is …

  • say your name
  • what company/school/group we’re connected with
  • what we do (position, work etc.)
  • our hobbies and
  • what we want most out of life

Everybody in the room introduces themselves. And here’s a lesson I learned from fellow-PSI graduate, Jojo Hizon.

Sole Academy
Sole Academy

In his introduction, he mentioned the name of his company “Sole Academy” 5 times within his 1 minute introduction. He was being funny about it when he mentioned “Sole Academy” and later said “Did I mention Sole Academy?” all within the first 15 seconds of his introduction. He even wore his logo on his shirt.

Later that evening, he spoke again to share his personal experience about PSI. And guess how he ended his sharing. His story ended with a pause, and then he spoke the words: “Sole Academy”.

I found it funny. And insightful as well! Here is a business owner who has poured out his time and energy into a new business. And his entire being speaks of how proud he is of his company. He speaks of (and promotes) his business with his entire being.

Soul Academy

Right now, in this school called LIFE , what is the BEINGNESS that shines through with our words and our actions … with our every BEING?

Our mentor Greg Forbes shares a story. Greg described a goal that a seminar facilitator can aim for.

If a facilitator can go up in front of an audience, be there and not say a word, and just BE…
If people are moved by the mere BEINGNESS of the person,
then the person has reached a level of teaching where BEINGNESS speaks for itself.

(Read also my article about Passive Influence: Leadership by Being)

What is the BEING that we want to shine through from our inner self? 

  • Is it the energy of being positive?
  • Being committed?
  • Being thankful?
  • Being of service?
  • Being open?
  • Being confident?
  • Being patriotic?
  • Being loving?
  • Being worthy?

Whatever values you hold closest to your heart, let that beingness shine through … 5 times a minute or more! :-)

I AM Worthy!


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