I totally understand the teaching about letting go of negative feelings.

For instance, it is healthy for me to let go of resentments, hurt feelings, painful words or acts against me. Hanging on to these negative feelings is like hanging on to acid — it robs us of happiness.

Letting go of negative feelings, I understand easily.

But here’s a mind-blowing lesson that took me some time to understand.
Are you ready to hear this mind-blowing lesson?

Let Go. Let Go of negative feelings. Let Go of positive feelings too!
Let Go. Let Go of negative feelings and more! Â (Image via http://chauhanhiren.blogspot.com/)

Mind-blowing lesson:

Let go of old HAPPY feelings.
Make space and create new happy feelings. 

Let me share this story to illustrate.

Na-Net Inventor

Na-Net Inventor is an award-winning inventor. Ten years ago, she attended her high school reunion. At the reunion, she showed all her classmates her 1985 award-winning invention, the Forever-Ultra-Extra-Lift-Hair-Net. She proudly demonstrated her invention to her classmates and she was happy. Her classmates were very happy for her.

Five years ago, award-winning inventor Na-Net Inventor attended her high school reunion. Like an extravaganza, she described to her classmates her 1985 award-winning invention, the Forever-Ultra-Extra-Lift-Hair-Net. She proudly demonstrated her invention to her classmates, ever so happy. Her classmates were slightly happy for her.

This year, award-winning inventor Na-Net was soooo excited to attend her high school reunion. Because she was extremely proud to tell her classmates about her 1985 award-winning invention, the Forever … and ever amen … Hair-Net. She was so happy about her 1985 invention. But her classmates took pity on her.

After more than 25 years, Na-Net was still caught in the “net” of her 1985 happy moment. She hang on too tightly to her old happy moment and failed to create NEW happy experiences.

I want to clarify that it is okay to remember old happy feelings. It’s good for our soul.

The problem is
if we hang on for too long to the old happy feelings,
it can keep our hands full
and can prevent us from creating new happy feelings.

How to let go of old happy feelings: Celebrate!

Celebrate to the hilt all your accomplishments, successes, milestones.
Experience the joy and happiness to the full.
And then let go and move on.

How to create new happy experiences:

  • Nurture your relationships. With your partner, your children, your parents, your siblings, family and friends.
  • Work towards your dreams. Happiness is in the journey, not (just) the destination.

Key Message: 

Let go of OLD happy feelings.
Make space and create NEW happy feelings.

I thank the PSI Heroic Leadership Seminar for planting this lesson in my heart.
I thank my father for the stories he shared — dad’s stories helped me understand this lesson in a deeper level.




Gratitude Journal Nov 2.
I am thankful for:

  • a safe and secure home here in Makati
  • being prudent and trusting, not being praning
  • having faith, not being a worry-wart
  • taking action toward my goals
  • learning new affirmation methods (thanks Dayle!)
  • visualizing with my buddy what our lives will be like 5 years later (love you KB!)
  • being patient enough to accept SMS messages that could have incited an extended SMS exchange. Bless you Jen-Jen for leaving peacefully.
  • Adobo from Mom!
  • Calling mom, telling her how much I appreciate and love her.
  • Hearing from mom how she appreciated her birthday celebration and our contribution to it.
  • Sharing my success inventory, the programs I have become aware of, and how I am re-programming myself.
  • Seeing my alignment with Greg about what we’re working on for ourselves.
  • Staff meeting. Fellow-staff. Shares from staff.
  • Short and direct share from me: a Relationship weekend for me in Baguio with Rezza and my family.
  • Being a buddy to Rezza.
  • Chick-In and our Oracle games.
  • Staffing for Basic 249.

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