Today I am thankful for:

  • Being on purpose.
  • Meeting my bank manager, finding out some financial options.
  • Becoming more clear with how to better manage my time, energy and income streams.
  • Being aware of my fears and confronting them. Sometimes it’s just having the “Just do it” attitude.
  • Going 100% with my gratitude journal. – Day 19 na ;-) . 
  • Meeting the I AM FITS group.
  • Sharing notes on how things were done in the past.
  • Sharing feedback with the I AM FITS group about facilitation.
  • Watching Greg present in a very bibo way. Essence!
  • Giving partners a heads-up with being offline.
  • Having reliable staff. Having a partner like Raffy.
  • Hearing from PJ that a student was happy with my energy.
  • Interacting with students of PSI 249.
  • Being a microbuddy.
  • Being aware of my AMs.
  • Speaking more clearly.
  • Looking forward to improv exercises with I AM FITS.
  • Taking details notes for facilitation of Basic.
  • Being aligned with Greg more and more ;-) . Stark contrast to my ough moment, hehehe! :D
  • Sleep smiling! Awesome day ahead!

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