I couldn’t figure out the category. It’s a mix. All of them have formed part of my life journey.

Forty One that have changed my life

  1. My wife, my one true love, Rezza
  2. My parents Tony and Flor
  3. My siblings Elmer, Eric, Anna; Brillantes KRC, Andrei, Cali
  4. My mentor, Capt. Bobby Lim
  5. UPSCA
  6. SPED center
  7. UP Los Banos and my barkada there, including folks from LFS and SCM
  8. Pisay
  9. Sindi Katok, LBM
  10. Kidlat, Tanya, Elmer, Marga
  11. Ms. Aguila, my chem teacher who believed in me; Ms. Alcid, Mrs. Salac.
  12. PSI – Basic, Shooters, Heroic, Kids, Youth Camp. Kokoy, Greg, Alice, Sonnie, Vickie and all my buddies, fellow staff.
  13. LOJ / The Feast
  14. Light Thursdays
  15. CCF, Victory
  16. Maya and Loreen
  17. Anna, Jill, Tristan
  18. RunnersRunner – Raffy, Ivy, Jon, Tristan, Loyce
  19. Smart VAS
  20. Jorey, Noee
  21. Next Step, TSI
  22. NLP, ICF
  23. Batanes
  24. Airfagev
  25. UP EE
  26. AIM, MDM
  27. Pahinungod
  28. Cuyo, Palawan; GAMNHS
  29. Days with the Lord B74, circa Jan 1991
  30. Discovery Weekend … all four of them
  31. Intel! Intel! Intel! TMG-T
  32. Real Estate and my difficult tenants – you have taught me much
  33. kaedong.blogspot.com and edwinsoriano.com
  34. T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive, Singapore
  35. Breaking Through Barriers, NLP Practitioner training
  36. Relatives, Sorianos, Usshers, Bunags, Sabolboros
  37. Times St. , Catalan, Ilag’s, 73 Maginhawa, the other Maginhawa, Malakas, Matiaga, Tanglaw, Dayton, Crystal Aire, Starcentrum, VdL
  38. Happy Homes!
  39. Manong Johnny
  40. Running, marathons
  41. My Lord

If you are part of this list, in one way or another, I thank you. ;-) .
Your presence in my life is by divine appointment. I thank the Lord for making you part of my life.



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