I wrote a couple of lists on my 41st birthday.
Forty One habilins for my children:
  1. be kind – it’s the language of love.
  2. forgive – it’s good for you
  3. laugh. Laugh at yourself!
  4. share – impart of yourself
  5. travel – widen your world. widen your understanding.
  6. ask – be a lifelong learner
  7. give – just give
  8. save – so you can give later
  9. embrace a lot
  10. help – because everybody needs some
  11. enjoy food and conversations – it’s not the eating. It’s the connecting.
  12. pray
  13. cry – let it flow naturally. Tears express what words cannot.
  14. forgive – yes, it’s good for you.
  15. embrace
  16. run – good for body, good for heart, good for mind
  17. write – Capture your thoughts. So that you remember. Make it a gift to the world.
  18. read – learn from others
  19. love – the only answer
  20. cry – yup
  21. sing! – double praise
  22. worship – not for anyone. Worship doesn’t change God. Worship changes you.
  23. love – the only other answer
  24. travel
  25. smile
  26. greet people. Go first.
  27. let someone pass ahead of you
  28. love
  29. stay connected with family.
  30. make new friends
  31. accept – that you can’t change everything. You can change yourself.
  32. say sorry. Sincerely
  33. respect – everybody is on a journey.
  34. let go – we’ll need to, anyway
  35. take a stand – make your opinion matter
  36. make things better – no complaints. Just make things better
  37. laugh – out loud, even
  38. fast – empty yourself to fill-up with God’s love. Rise-up with God’s love.
  39. travel –
  40. love
  41. love
When I wrote the above list a few hours ago, I started to cry. And I just let it flow. I guess it gave me a sense of mortality, also a sense of what is important to me. I also wanted to add “have kittens”. But the list was filled-in na with love. I guess “have kittens” is part of love. ;-)

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