I just came back from a dinner with former colleagues.
Precious was our time together.
Our bond transcends beyond iMBOs, KRAs and ROIs.


We shared our wins, the way we always used to do.
Wins are blessings outside of work-related stuff.

Although I shared three wins, I realized that in all my wins I had a central theme.

Central in my wins is time with loved ones.

On the highest level, I love the time I spend being physically present with my parents and my honey.

On another level, precious too are the times I spend with friends over lunch or dinner, or over afternoon merienda.

On yet another level, I have learned to appreciate how I am able to connect with family and friends across the globe.


I now have a heightened appreciation for how I am able to connect with friends through technology, especially through social networks.

I recently re-connected with my cousin in the US. I have very few memories of my cousin Corrine. And they are memories from the eyes of a six-year-old boy (circa 1981). It’s not as if Corrine and I had many bonding moments. She was probably around 18 when she visited us in Baguio and I remember most distinctly that she would walk barefoot around our house (ours was a tsinelas home).

Amazing how technology has brought us closer to our loved ones. (And nevermind for now that it also *can* make people more distant).

Connecting with self

Connecting is Re-connecting with the Source
Connecting is Re-connecting with the Source

I relish the time I connect with myself.
Just being alone, here writing and reflecting,
I am at awe at the presence of God in all my connections with others and with myself.

Take time to connect.
As we connect with others and connect with our selves,
it is God’s presence we are amidst.

ka edong
magka-ugnay ang lahat

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