Litratuwaan #3: What is this? Can you guess?

Litratuwaan #3: What is this?
Litratuwaan #3: What is this?

Answer to Litratuwaan #3:  Next week, friday

Answer to Litratuwaan #2:

Where was this photo taken?

It’s at the Museo Pambata at Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive Manila.

They have more than 6 halls (history, body, sports, science, nature, TV studio). It’s a great place for kids to learn things in a highly-interactive way. Anything the kids see, they are allowed to touch.

During a field-trip, upon seeing all the things they could play with, a pre-school student run to my sister and screamed in “nang-gi-gigil” delight: “Teacher, ang saya-saya ko!”

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