Choices for Friday night movie were: Blind Side (Sandra Bullock), Legion (X-men-ish), Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs (Animated silliness).

We chose The Blind Side. Even if the movie is below the radar, barely knew it was coming, after reading the synopsis, I wanted to check it out. And we didn’t regret it for a minute.

The Blind Side is about a young big African American boy who was taken off from the streets one cold winter evening by a rich family (Sandra Bullock, husband and two kids). The family and their new found friend struggle through the stigma of other people’s prejudice. Prejudice against color, stereotypes, appearing “goody two shoes”, expectations, being stupid, acting “normal”.


The Blind Side Movie - Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron
The Blind Side Movie - Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron

Blind Side is about giving people a chance. Giving people a break. Sometimes, that’s all we need to get along better in life, just one break from someone who truly cares for us.

The movie is filled with inspiring scenes. It was such an inspiring story, and it was even more inspiring to find out that it was a true story!

But there’s one specific scene that strikes me most.

This big African American boy they call “Big Mike” appeared “spaced out”. It was as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He just trudged this earth as if there was nothing “wrong” or nothing “right” with the world. With all the violence, crime and poverty that Big Mike grew up in, Sandra Bullock’s question was, “how did he come out of it?”. How did he break free from all the bad things that was happening around him.

And the answer was in what Big Mike’s real mother taught him when he was a kid.

When Big Mike’s mom would do something bad at home, like sniff cocaine, the mom would ask Big Mike to close his eyes and pretend nothing’s happening. And when she’s done with her kalokohan, she’d go back to Big Mike and she’d say: “When I count to three, you open your eyes, and then BELIEVE that it is a beautiful world we live in.”

BELIEF! It’s such a powerful thing to believe very strongly with all your heart and mind in something.

What do YOU believe in?
Be aware of what you believe in, because your beliefs shape the world as you perceive it.

ka edong
dream, believe, survive! :-)

2 thoughts on “Blind Side Movie – Inspiring story, and true to boot!

  1. i saw this movie too. and it made me teary-eyed … really. and it is right to say that it is more inspiring to know that it is a true story. the things you believe in are what really affects your life. sabi nga, “what you think, you become”….btw, i really like your site. simple and straight forward. no kaartehans and all. :)

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