It was an honor to be invited by J3 Patiño of Pinoy Money Academy. The Money Academy audience is a group of investors around the world, learning about personal finance, insurance, stocks, and other investment instruments.

J3 wanted his audience to learn some lessons from a Life Coaching perspective. And, as J3 framed the conversation, he explained that the results we get in the Outer World (material things, possessions, achievements, relationships etc.) are defined by our Inner World (mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs).

In this Master Class, we talk about:

Part 1: Being Happy

  1. WHY is it important to be happy?
    1. Will being happy feed my family?
    2. Happiness or success – which comes first?
  2. Is it possible to be happy even with financial problems? (Buried in Debt?)
  3. How to Be Happy?
    1. 4 Steps to Being Happy – Face, Experience, Release, Move Forward

Giveaway: You Can Be Happy Again Book Excerpt

Part 2: Being Hungry

  1. Is mediocrity so bad? Why stay hungry if you’re content?
    1. Is happiness same as being content?
  2. How do you overcome fear? (Of failure? Of rejection? Of leaving the comfort zone? etc.)
Wealth Master Class with Coach Edwin Soriano
Wealth Master Class with Coach Edwin Soriano

To get the full webinar, watch the video at J3’s Masterclass page here:

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