As I write, one of my casual status messages is spreading through facebook like an epidemic. And I love it! :D

When I rode a cab yesterday, I had such a wonderful experience. I thought I’d share it as part of my #KindnessEpidemic album on facebook.

Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness
Ryo Aki Taxi Kindness

Around 30 hours after uploading 2 photos, the story has been shared more than 3,000 times. Not bad for a So while we’re here, it’s about time I write about the #KindnessEpidemic ;-)

What is the #KindnessEpidemic (also called #100DaysKindnessEpidemic)

Simply put:

Catch Somebody Doing Good.

Share It.

I firmly believe that what we focus on expands. I choose to focus on the good, because that is what I want to attract into my life, and that is what I want to spread to more people around me.

Sometimes people can get caught up with what’s wrong with life, what’s wrong with the government, with the Philippines, with the company they work for etc. Well…

We always have a choice.

You want to spend your time and energy complaining. That’s a choice you can make.

I choose to spend my time and energy doing good, being kind. I take pleasure in finding kindness in other people and spreading the word about it ;-) .

As a result, the right people approach me at the right place and right time, and wonderful opportunities come to me through God’s grand plan. ;-)

For instance, I’ve been praying the past days for ways to reach a breakthrough for one of my projects, . I wanted traffic, I wanted visitors to my website, I wanted people to sign-up for our webinar.

Winning New Beginnings
Winning New Beginnings – How to Move Forward Amidst Difficulties in Your Marriage

God works in mysterious ways! He gave me this Ryo Aki encounter and I know this story (and many other stories like this) will bless thousands of Filipinos in a hundred thousand more ways than I could imagine!

What now?

Start your own #KindnessEpidemic!

Catch Somebody Doing Good!

Share It!

Here’s a video that depicts just how this epidemic can spread: “Give a little Love, (Noah and the Whale)

Edwin Ka Edong Soriano
Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Friend

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