On this turn of the year, I am moved to write about three reflections that have a significant part in my 2011. These reflections are about Contrast, Acceptance and Worthiness.

I start today with “Contrast”. I realized it was a topic on its own, just enough for one article. There’s so much more to write about, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for now.

Contrast in 2011

“If there was a color darker than black, our world would be a brighter place.” — Elmer S. Soriano

I’ve been taking photos for the Heroic Leadership Seminar, Classes XXX and XXXI. One of the lessons I learned from my friend Arney Nucum was to capture the positive moments of the participants. That worked very well for me as a photographer as I captured wonderful moments of joy, victory, breakthrough, acceptance, forgiveness and empowerment. I loved capturing the beauty of these moments in heart-warming portraits of Heroic participants.

Venchie's Embrace - w/ Lourds and Budz Arl
Venchie's Embrace - w/ Lourds and Budz Arl

A year later in Heroic XXXII, I learned something similarly as powerful as capturing positive moments: capturing negative moments. I learned this from my friend Delong and we call it “contrast”.

Contrast is having a deeper awareness and appreciation of what was. This empowers us to celebrate what IS.

As a photographer, I learned the importance of capturing moments of despair, brokenness, struggle — these are precious because it gives people a reminder of what life was like before reaching their moment of positive breakthrough.

Conquering The Wall of XXXI
Conquering The Wall of XXXI

I feel this is the power behind watching Nick Vucijic, Susan Boyle (old lady, surprise finalist in Britain’s got talent), Emmanuel Kelly (Iraq war survivor singing “Imagine”), Sung Bong Choi (Korean homeless boy, opera singer).

All these people come from various difficult situations. Therefore it can become extremely overwhelming to witness how they have overcome dire situations and come out as winners. They are winners not by comparison to other people — they are winners for what they have become despite (or because of) their difficult backgrounds.

Personally, I am overwhelmed because through them, I am reminded how much I myself can overcome and shine.

In our lives, we can empower ourselves for the present moment by being aware of how much we have grown from our moments of difficulties.

Moreover, when we are faced with moments of difficulty, we are being blessed with moments of “contrast” which will make our victory sweeter than sweet!

Difficulty brings contrast brings joy.

Happy New Year!

ka edong

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