Hi. I’m Edwin Ka Edong Soriano. I’m with #RescuePH, a group of online volunteers helping out with rescue and relief operations.

In 2012, a group of us from #RescuePH conceptualized a platform to manage relief operations resources. We have made attempts at creating the platform out of our own resources during *peace-time* (non-crisis days).

We need help making the platform a reality.
Below, I will share the concept behind the platform.
Later, I will tell you how you can help.

Thanks in advance!

The Big Idea:

Develop a platform
that connects people in need (beneficiaries, refugees, evacuees, relief operations centers)
with people who can give (clothes, food, medicines, volunteers, transportation, money, coordination).

Here’s a video explaining the platform:

Think of it as a marketplace where people in need meet people who can give. Here’s a slideshow that I hope will help people understand the concept better.

ReliefPH Supply Train
ReliefPH Supply Train – A “marketplace” for Relief Operations Centers’ needs and Relief Ops supplies/services

Here’s an Infographic Video about HelpPH (Added Nov 15, 2013, 4:23am):

Help Needed: 

  1. Do you know RJ David of sulit.com.ph personally? Can you connect me to him? Send me an e-mail or PM on facebook.
    Update (Nov 15, 4:31am): RJ has responded. Arnold and I are meeting RJ next week.
  2. Can you make this platform? Here’s a lead, an open source classified ads software: http://osclass.org/
    Update Nov 15, 2:27am: Anne Aaron and JP Loh have the website up. Currently preparing it for testing with relief coordinators.
  3. Added Nov 15, 2:27am: Are you a Relief Coordinator? To join initial testing, fill-up this form. Thanks!

Next Steps:

  1. Can you pursue this project immediately?
  2. If YES: Contact Edwin Ka Edong Soriano at 0918-8002323 / edwin@teamplanu.com
  3. Launch development project
    1. With technical consultant-volunteers: Arnold Gamboa and JP Loh
    2. Design consultant-volunteers: Edwin Soriano and Ariel Roda of Angel Brigade
  4. Launch Alpha / Launch Beta

(See slideshow for additional reference links).

Can you help? 

EdWIN Ka Edong Soriano

I started doing online rescue/relief operations volunteer work in 2009. I created the first GoogleDocs for rescue/relief. Together with hundreds of online volunteers we compiled info on where help was needed.

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