Ever since I married Rezza, the girl of my dreams, our friends started asking us a new set of common questions.

I just love telling people how things are with me and Rezza. I enjoy sharing the blessing of marriage, the joy of marriage.

So here it is, my answers to three of the most frequently asked questions as newly weds.

Frequently Asked Question #1: How’s married life?

Wonderful! I feel we’re just getting all warmed up for a wonderful lifetime journey. We haven’t really had our honeymoon. I’m really looking forward to our trip to Cambodia. That’s the time we’ll be able to just get lost and be only with each other, discovering the place and discovering each other.

I always tell friends that it’s totally wonderful being with a partner who is heading in the same direction in life. Both Rezza and I are teachers at heart. We both want to influence people through teaching/training. It’s wonderful just really being aligned with where we want to go. Even if we’re different people with different ways, we both know that we’re going in the same direction.

God's Love is new every morning
God’s Love is new every morning.
My Love for God and my Love for Rezza is new every morning.

Oh we do have our disagreements. What is totally helping me is accepting that we will always have differences. It always boils down to this: If it’s very important to Rezza, I give in. There are very few things that I would insist on doing things my way. Right now, I can’t think of anything.

Sometimes Rezza still gets annoyed with how I drive. That’s fine, I tell her. We are two different drivers and we drive differently and that all good. We’re heading to the same place, anyway. Many ways to get there. What matters is we get to our destination, whole and still very much in love.

Frequently Asked Question #2: Is it any different?

Yes, it honestly is very different. Rezza and I have spent a whole lot of time together the past two years. Whooooole loooot of time together. So what’s different after the wedding?

For me, what was different was having the blessing of God, our parents, our family and our friends at our wedding.

When I was at the altar during our wedding, and with Rezza on my left side, both of us kneeling on the pew, I looked up and saw a painting of Jesus on the ceiling of the beautiful church. And I felt how blessed I was to have Rezza beside me, taking this vow of lifetime partnership.

I was reminded of what we learned from our Ninong Jun and Ninang Liza. Our relationship is like a triangle with God on the top corner and each spouse on the lower corners of the triangle. As I draw closer to God, and as Rezza draws closer to God, we (Rezza and I) get closer to each other.

 Blessed Love Triangle
Blessed Love Triangle: The Lord above, Edwin and Rezza alongside each other. When Rezza and I grow closer to God, we grow closer to to one another. Yey! (photo by: bff Jorey Guzman)

I had that image in mind when I was at the altar. And I could totally feel God’s love for me as He gave me the gift that was my wife, Rezza. Gift of wife, gift of life! :-)

It is different now because I feel how blessed Rezza and I are by our family and friends. It was like sealing the deal.

Actually, I feel Rezza and I got married na way back in October 2010 when we chose to be a couple. I feel we got married na after I proposed. I feel that we had given ourselves to each other as lifetime partners. And anything else that we were building the past two years and the past months since our engagement — I feel this was just reconfirming our commitment to each other. I feel this was sharing our bond with our God, with our families and our friends.

Yes. It made me realize, actually, how special it is to celebrate our marriage with family and friends. I just really felt the outpour of love for Rezza and I. It’s hard to describe, really. It’s just like being embraced with a blanket of love from all who were present and even those who weren’t there and just sent their greetings and prayers and blessings. It was like one long and warm group hug. And I just totally celebrated it and received the love like a child frolicking in a sea of blessings.

Is it any different after the wedding? Absolutely! It’s like day 1 everyday. Everyday a new day to move forward on our life journey ;-) .

Frequently Asked Question #3: Baby Agad?

Yes, baby agad. Rezza and I are eager to be taking care of little ones. We both know we’re called to be parents. In God’s perfect time, we would love to be taking care of little ones. Twins even, if God wills! ;-) .

I know it’s just been over a month since our wedding. I just know how wonderful our life is and will be. And yes, I’m ready for the rough times, I know there will be some.

I just look up to the skies and know that our Good God is blessing Rezza and I with all His love.

Thank You Lord for the gift of marriage, the gift of friendship with Rezza, the gift of service with my lifetime partner.


Filled with Love,


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