Through the years, I’ve compiled hundreds of photos. Some of them I’ve uploaded to my online photo album . But many more of them are in my hard drive.

Some of these photos I’ve been lugging around for more than 5 years, transferring them from one computer to another when I move jobs or change computers.

I thought I’d put these photos into good use and publish them in a series. It’s going to be in the form of a guessing game.

Litratuwaan na!
Litratuwaan na!

Litratuwaan: a memory from my high school days

I just finished my week-long brainstorm of a catchy title for this photo game. After listing more than 50 keywords in English and Filipino, one title came out as outstanding.

“Litratuwaan” . A combination of “Litrato” or “photograph” and “katuwaan” or “fun times/fun things”. This is the title I will use for this weekly photo game that starts today.

This title is *not* original. I think it was coined by Mr. Baluyut, father of Jason of Pisay ’91. Mr. Baluyut and a few of our batchmates would come out with a series of printed photos posted along the corridors of our alma mater. It always had funny captions like in a comicstrip. But it was very special because they were photographs of our friends and batchmates. It was always a hit and I cherish the memories of those “Litratuwaan” posters.

For Technobiography, I borrow the title “Litratuwaan” for a series of weekly games.

The game will take a variety of forms.

  • Guess where: a photo of a distinctive place and I’ll ask Litratuwaan players (you!) to guess where it is.
  • Guess what: a photo of a distinctive thing and I’ll ask Litratuwaan players (you!) to guess what it is.
  • Guess when: a photo of a distinctive time and I’ll ask Litratuwaan players to guess …. Naaah, I’m just kidding. :-)
  • Complete the picture-story: I’ll cut the photo in half and ask you what you think the other half contains. (e.g. “what is this girl laughing at?”)
  • Caption: Put a funny caption for the photo

I’m sure this series will evolve. We (Litratuwaan players and I) will come up with many other photo games.

How things will work

  • I’ll post a Litratuwaan game every Friday morning. It will include a question or instruction.
  • Litratuwaan players will give their response(s) through the comments section.
  • I may insert clues in the days that follow.
  • The final answer will be given in the following week along with that week’s Litratuwaan game.

Ready for our fist Litratuwaan game?

Tayo na’t mag-katuwaan. Tayo na’t mag-Litratuwaan!

ka edong
ka-tuwang sa katuwaan ng Litratuwaan

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