What I’m thankful for:

  • Blogging for eOFW.Net
  • Finding www.investmentphilippines.com
  • Home-cooked Korean Beef Stew!
  • Baked Creme Dory! :-)
  • Getting things done: Sats accounting, Kristel call, deposits, remittances
  • Reading Bo’s article on Patience.
  • Being out in the strong rain, but having a good shade to cover me.
  • This condo where I live and work
  • This laptop through which I communicate and create value
  • Affirmations that we read day by day
  • Enough rest
  • Water
  • Foot pads — to de-toxify my system
  • Prayer
  • Our good Lord and all the blessings he showers me with
  • Good health!
Tomorrow, I have a mission to gain back the stream of income I have neglected the past year. Come back, oh passive income!

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