I took my Starshooters Coaches training over the last weekend. Come Monday, I started the day by (re-)writing my goals in my Novena to God’s Love.

And the universe conspires!

"May I take your order?" - Universe
“May I take your order?” – Universe
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Within a few minutes of being clear in my mind and heart about my goals, I received a call from a colleague. She asked me about our rates for the Kick-Ass Innovation Bootcamp. She was pitching a proposal to a client and wanted the  services of Planu as part of the service offering. I was totally excited to receive that opportunity. It was directly related to my goal of providing my services to the universe. Amen!

Just a few hours later, I receive another call from Raffy, my business partner in RunnersRunner.com. He told me that the representatives of David Allen of Getting Things Done replied to his email inquiry about franchising the delivery of the GTD model here in the Philippines. I was totally amazed at the timing of things. Just over the weekend, I was very specifically reflecting how I could start delivering GTD-inspired modules at PSI. I’ve been using productivity tools and techniques that I learned in GTD since circa 2006, and I enjoy sharing the tools. It increases the productivity of people, and allows me to have better quality time to spend with my loved ones. I want share this blessing of productivity and time .

There you go! I made my intention clear and the universe gave me two separate calls that were directly related to my goals.

It was like I put out an “order” at the restaurant (life) and the resto’s manager (God) said:
“Yun ba gusto mo? Okay, here’s the appetizer for your goals! Go get it!”

I love it!

A third call: a wake-up kind of call

But wait, there’s more! ;-)

Yesterday, I received another random call from a man named Roger. He is a Tanod in Windward Hills, Cavite where I own a house. The house has been left un-used for around 5 months now. I asked my tenant to leave because she wasn’t paying the right amounts at the right time. Roger called me because he was concerned about my house. He reported to me that the house had been broken into by looters. The pulled out the copper wiring of the house.

The funny thing is: I knew it was coming. I knew that my house was at risk of theft as long as it was left without tenants. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t prioritize the refurbishing and leasing out of the house these past 5 months. I knew it was coming, and I just kept hoping that please please please don’t let the robbers find my house, not yet. Not yet.

Well, it’s an expensive lesson to learn. Now I need to spend on fixing the grills and having the house re-wired on top of the painting needed for the house.

Life gives us lessons to learn.
If we don’t learn, the lessons will be repeated.

– Life’s little instruction book

Dear Lord, teach me to listen to you more ;-) .
Teach me to trust in your guidance more.
To trust in You more. To trust in the God in me.
To honor You by being the best person I could be. 

Today, I visit my house in Cavite. And finally I shall mend this gift of shelter, so that it may be a blessing for a family in need of a home to call their own.


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