This is a blog post for PasikBlogan Challenge #2: Random Strangers
“Take/Find a photo of a random stranger, post and blog about that person speculating on his/her thoughts, who he/she is, etc.”

Edwin Soriano.

I don’t know him. But I’ll take time to write about what I think he’s thinking, how he’s feeling, what he’s going through.

PALS Homecoming Queen and King: Gabby Perez and Edwin Soriano
PALS Homecoming Queen and King: Gabby Perez and Edwin Soriano

Edwin is 22 years old. He studied in a school called “Positive Applied Learning Styles” and he loved it there.

Edwin was average. He was getting by in school, neither failing nor excelling. What he liked about school was being with friends and seeing other schoolmates who were learning the same way he was learning — in a Positive and Applied way. ;-)

Edwin belongs to a big family of 6 siblings. His parents were 1st generation migrants to the U.S. . They speak Espanol at home. Edwin’s father is a gardener, his mother works at a bakery in town. He loves his parents, but doesn’t show it much.

Fast forward to homecoming day. Edwin was very excited about the homecoming. Many weeks before the homecoming, he had contacted his friends, checking who was going. He and many of his friends are now working in different kinds of jobs. But they made time to attend the homecoming.

At the homecoming, Edwin saw his long-time crush, Gabby. Edwin always had a crush on Gabby while they were in school. Gabby was the popular girl in the class. But Edwin never ventured to try to even talk to her. She was “too” popular for Edwin. He was satisfied just knowing her, watching her from afar.

But here and now at the homecoming, Gabby was stunning. All of Edwin’s friends knew he liked Gabby. All of Gabby’s friends knew Edwin liked Gabby. So friends being friends – they chose Edwin and Gabby to be homecoming king and queen.

~ The End ~

Post script:

The above article is for the PasikBlogan challenge #2. To find a photo of a stranger and blog about the stranger.

I searched for my name on Google, looked for a picture and found the above picture on this page: . (All in the name of a challenge, no bad intentions here).

I’m struggling right now, thinking about why I need to explain myself.

I feel I didn’t bring the exercise to the max. I was being all nice and rosy. I even felt the article was corny. And here’s the reason I held back: I didn’t want to say anything negative about Edwin and Gabby.

Sure, they’re strangers to me. But I was afraid that they could easily find this article.

Perhaps sometimes I’m too kind, not venturing away from being courteous. All those words are confusing me now. Can anybody be “too kind”? Is being courteous anything bad?

I’m looking for the word that describes being honest, upfront, adventurous, frank, straightforward and still being kind.

For instance, we have many characters who are very honest about what they think about other people, very outspoken about what they feel.

Examples: Simon Cowell of American Idol, Donald Trump, and in the Philippines, the Tulfo brothers in broadcasting/journalism.

I sometimes cringe when I hear them say things outright, apparently without giving any thought on how the other person will feel about the straightforward pointed words.

I cringe because it sounds too direct, too critical, too … not nice.

But on the other hand, it’s liberating for me. Liberating to hear people speak their mind they way Simon, Donald and the Tulfo brothers do. Liberating perhaps because they are able to say things that I dare not say. (On the radio the other day, I heard Tulfo tell one PNP Chief, “umalis ka diyan, wala kang kwenta!”)

So here’s my question. Simon, Donald and the Tulfo’s are some of the people who are straightforward but not “kind”.

Is there a way to be straightforward, honest, open and trusting, and still be kind and loving? What does it look like? How is it done? Who would be a role model for that kind of character?

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