I was at a wedding last weekend. I was enjoying the celebration, laughing along with the messages, some funny, all heartfelt.

Suddenly, I found myself in front of the crowd beside the newly wedded couple. The groom gave ME a message. I was caught by surprise by the message! With a smile, I just greeted the couple best wishes on their wedding day.

If not for the message that took me by surprise, I think I could have mustered saying something at least a bit witty.

Up to an hour or two after that event, I was thinking about the event and what I COULD have said, most of them witty but with a relevant message. I kept telling myself I SHOULD have said this or SHOULD have said that.

But hey, we learn. That’s in the past. And when I find myself in a similar situation, I will be ready with a trigger mechanism that will put me in the frame of mind to speak confidently when I am asked or expected to give a message.

My trigger message is: “Well, what can I say?”

This is actually a trigger to myself – to my sub-conscious. This question is actually a way for me to catch up with what’s happening, to give me a few moments, and most importantly, to tell myself “I better say something soon.” :-) It will be what it will be, whether it’s witty, or with a relevant message.

“Well, what can I say?”

“Thank you”
“It’s an honor”
“A pleasure”
“All the best”
And, my favorite specifically for the situation I was in last saturday, “I have every intention!” :-)

and many other things I could say in situations like that. I’ll use that trigger.

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