Most Requested Signature Programs

I speak on topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, goal fulfilment, passion, life purpose, work-life balance and more. I customize my presentations to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to help you create the outcomes you want for yourself and your team.

Our most requested topics include the signature programs summarized below. These are available as keynote presentations (20-45mins) or in half- or whole-day workshops.


Greater Goals
“You are meant for greatness!”

Greater Goals

Many people are living life without goals, passively going from paycheck to paycheck, allowing the days to just unfold. In this program, we guide participants to rekindle the great dreamer within. We help you discover the goals that contribute to your organization and your life. We inspire you to go from where you are to where you are meant to be.


Change Challenge
“If you ain’t growing, you are dying!”

Change Challenge

We live in a world where everything is changing. And if you’re not changing and developing yourself, you will be left behind. The “Change Challenge” helps you identify what you need to work-on, what you need to improve in your life, in your organization. Moreover, through powerful activities, we show you HOW to create the permanent self-identified changes within yourself. For those who grow and change, possibilities are endless.


Transformation Toolkit
“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action, it’s a habit.”

Transformation Toolkit

The mark of true change: consistent actions. In this Transformation Toolkit, you will discover and develop habits and systems that work better for your towards your goals. Time Management (more accurately: Activity Management), Effective Meetings, Decision Making, Managing Millennials, Excellent Engagement, Customer Service, Entrepreneurial Mindset. All these and more so you could transform from ordinary to extraordinary.


Lead as a Peaceful Warrior
“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Lead as a Peaceful Warrior

True leadership starts with self. By being the way, by teaching the way, by respecting other ways, you inspire others to find their best way, their best self. Lead as a Peaceful Warrior is a call to greatness, even when no one is looking. It calls for creating change inside, to inspire change outside. In a world of chaos, can you Lead as a Peaceful Warrior?


Skyrocket! The 45-day Goal Fulfillment Program
“If you want it, go and get it!”

Skyrocket Goal Fulfillment Program

An intensive stay-out seminar done alongside your regular work/business affairs. Participants declare their Professional Goal and Personal Goal. We go through a series of exercises that help you boost yourself towards your goals. Learn more at: (45-days, stay-out)


Find Your Happy Seminar
“Happiness is an inside job.”

Find Your Happy

A whole day interactive seminar where participants experience NLP Life Coaching in a group setting. Create breakthroughs in your life through coaching. Learn more, click here:


Other Learning Modules:

  • Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose – steer the company
  • Company Culture – strengthen the fabric
  • Growth Mindset – From victim to victor
  • Passion and Purpose – don’t just search for it, create it
  • Winning The Right Way – don’t just Win! Win-Win!
  • Personal Development is Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship Mindset – building a giant from within
  • Empowering Mentorship – learn critical skills to empower your team
  • Work-Life Balance – because you have a life to work-on
  • Kick-Ass Ideation – 300 ideas in 3 minutes
  • Positive Mindsets – happy people, happy workplace
  • Stress Management – managing energy in the workplace
  • Forgiveness in the Workplace – nurture work relationships
  • Emotional Hygiene – maintaining a healthy inner world
  • Unmask – Masks you must shed to reach new heights
  • Rejection Resilience – how to deal with rejection
  • Bloom where you’re planted – thrive amidst a changing environment

We’d love to discover how you want to develop your company.

I look forward to working with your team. Let’s talk soon.

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