Edwin’s Purpose in Life!
To Help More, Thus Be More

Help More

As a child, I had the dream of saving my mother from a catastrophe. Specifically, I dreamed of carrying my mother in my arms, rescuing her from a burning house.

Helping other people has been in my heart since childhood.

I am not sure where this value came from. Possibly from being rescued by a carpenter from a dog that bit me in the face when I was 5 years old.

I remember being swiftly carried by the carpenter away from the dog. The carpenter brought me to my loving mother’s arms. My mother rushed me to my father at the hospital who then cleaned my wounded face and sutured my torn eyelid.

In my adulthood, I have translated this dream of saving my mother to “saving the world”, or in a more practical sense, to helping others.

Help others. Very basic, very pure.

I want to help others.
I want to help more.
I want to help more people.
I want to help in more ways.

Be More

From my grand images in my childhood and adolescence, I’ve carried into adulthood much of my ideals of helping others.

But now I am more balanced, acknowledging that to help others, I need to be a better person, to develop myself more. To be more!

This acknowledgement came late (just a few months ago).

Through the years, I have falsely perceived self-development as a selfish desire. This made me limit my self-development even as I KNOW that there is so much that I can grow into, to develop into.

Today, I commit to myself, to the world and to our higher being that I am my best gift to the universe!

To help more, I want to BE more!

What IS being more?

Being more is developing myself to be the best person I can be for the roles I choose in my life.

Being more means being a great son, a great sibling, a great tito/ninong, a great husband, a great father.

Being more means being a great friend, a great colleague, a great student, a great teacher, a great person.

When I Help other people, I become more. Become more whole, become more human, become a part of that person I’ve helped. As I help other people, I become more and leave a positive impact on other people.

What is the best possible life?

I look back into a reflection from my adolescence in college.

My measure of a great life is how, upon my death, people would remember me as a great man.

It may be morbid, but I feel that a person’s contribution to this world is best measured by what he leaves behind upon his death.

What shall I leave when I die?

A wonderful loving wife who always felt my love throughout our lives together and who shall have a great many happy memories to cherish for the rest of her life

Proud parents and siblings rejoicing in how their son/brother has loved them dearly

Great children who have mastered this game called life from a father, a friend, a mentor

Grateful family and friends who will forever carry with them the positive impact I made in their lives

A legacy of life lessons that will benefit other people long after I move on to my next life

What shall I do TODAY to live this purpose in my life?

I start by praising GOD for the wonderful gift he has given me: my life!

I commit myself to learning, reflection and self-development

I commit myself to sharing my life to make a positive impact on people I am blessed to have moments with in this lifetime

Edwin’s Purpose in Life is
To Help More, Thus Be More

5 thoughts on “To Help More Thus Be More

  1. “My measure of a great life is how, upon my death, people would remember me as a great man.”

    Pareho tayo! I would want my wake to be a party. :-)

    Lisaflor ’98s last blog post..

  2. I know of a former schoolmate sa high school who drowned when we were in college, around 1993.
    They played Eraserheads songs during his wake. That was one of the bilins he told a friend in a casual conversation a few months before he passed away.

    Keep on blogging, lisaflor!

    ka edong

    Edwins last blog post..iPhone 3G phones launched

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