Stop starting, start finishing. 

Yesterday, I wrote about cleaning up my environment so that I can work more productively and let abundance flow through me. Today, I write about getting clean internally.

Ka Edong Getting Clean Internally
Ka Edong Getting Clean Internally

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where there are so many things happening in your life, and it has become a challenge keeping up with everything that you have going? How would you like to break free from the burden of unfinished business? How would you like to get clean internally and enjoy life more today?

When I say getting clean internally, this means clearing away a lot of mental and emotional baggage. Baggage such as resentment, lack of forgiveness, debts, regrets and others.

I do acknowledge that these are not simple things to let go of. In our world today, it takes a some learning to allow ourselves to let go of these baggages.

What have I learned from my experience?

Here’s what I’m currently doing in the Starshooters program. We have an activity called completion exercise. This is a list of items in various aspects of our lives that may have unfinished concerns or loose ends. By tying up loose ends, this allows us to be at peace with ourselves. to let go of the past so that we can be fully engaged in the present.

Completion covers loose ends in relationships, finances, career, presentation (personal appearance), health, spiritual and education.

For instance, in my relationships, are there any past relationships that need some closing. Perhaps there are some un-expressed thoughts or emotions that just need to be released (once and for all). Maybe I need to forgive an ex- or ask for forgiveness from an ex- . Relationships also include relationships with parents, siblings, employers or employees, co-workers or other people we relate to.

Another area of completion is Finances. Am I fully aware of my assets and liabilities? Do I have liabilities that are not acknowledged? Am I missing any payments to debtors. Is my monthly budget on track? Having the knowledge of all these helps me be on top of things. It takes away a lot of worry from my mind.

After going through all our areas of completion, the goal is to clear out as many completion items in the shortest time possible. This is a focusing method that helps us build the momentum of completion. We get to feel the lightness of completion, and have the motivation to complete even more items because it feels good to complete things.

By reviewing all our areas of possible completion, we are able to uncover the loose ends in our lives. And we’re better able to live in the present and reach for our dreams.


Staying with it, 
Ka Edong

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