You’ve got big goals. You’ve got your work cut-out. A project to complete. A business to build. A book to write. Maybe even a relationship to work on.

You put your mind to it. You have a plan to be successful. You put in the work.

And then it happens: they come and pull you down.

The Naysayers.

People who don’t believe in your work, don’t believe in your goal, don’t believe in your success. People who think you’re full of crap, wasting your time and energy. Bottom-line: People who don’t believe in you.

What are you going to do about it?

Let’s be clear. You can’t please everybody. It’s an awful waste of time and energy if you even try to please everybody, more so try to please strangers. We’ve all seen them on social media. They’re just out to disparage others.

For Naysayer strangers aka “Trolls” — ignore them. They’re up to no good. Do not engage. Walk away.

But when Naysayers are people we know, words get to us.

“Whoever has the most energy wins.”
Mark Victor Hansen

Here’s the truth: If you are affected (riled-up, pissed-off) by naysayers, their belief must be greater than your belief. Perhaps there is some truth to what they say.

Let me explain.

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