When the intention is clear, the mechanism appears

This is one of the lessons from PSI.

Let me share a story. On Sept 23, I decided to train for a marathon. I was so eager to learn about how to prepare for the marathon. I spoke to Anton over the phone and he gave me lots of tips. He gave me the encouragement to push on, reminding me that I am on the right track.

I was looking for more people to share stories with, to share in the passion for running. A few days later, I had lunch alone at Megamall (Bodhi, vegetarian food! yum yum!). And “guess watch!”, while taking my veggies, a mid-aged man with grey hair sat next to me. He was wearing a MILO Marathon shirt!

I struck a conversation, found out his name was Mang Jun from Boracay. I told him that I was training for my first marathon. He gave me tips, told me stories, shared his experiences.

When I was looking for people who share in my dream, Mang Jun came to my universe. Amazing, isn’t it?

ka edong
veggie powered penguin

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