As I walked across Makati to my next meeting, I brought along two books from my collection. I said a prayer and knew in my heart that I will meet the rightful next owner of the books.

As I walked, I imagined that the owners would be suuuuper blessed by the gift. As if I was giving hundred dollar bills :-).

No need to *ask* them if they wanted or needed A book. My heart would know who to give to.

First was a manang vendor maybe 60 years old, wrinkled face, sitting in the same place selling cigarettes. I had seen countless times, crouched on her makeshift chair, reading *English* novels. Classics, in fact. When I approached her and gave a book with a violet note saying: “A Gift for You!”, she was totally deeeelighted! Her eyes, though they seemed weak and tired, they exuded gratitude.

A simple anonymous unconditional gift from a stranger.
A simple anonymous unconditional gift from a stranger.

I smiled back, asked her her name . Olivia. I acknowledged her name: “Nanay Olivia” and walked away with a smile :-).

Who’s next? 

I walked on through Salcedo Village. I wasn’t sure who would own the 2nd book. Guard, messenger, yaya, foreigner, man in coat? I just knew to follow my heart and not my brain.

After a short walk, there she was, in front of me. I could only see her back and the white phone she had in her left hand. In a pink pencil cut dress and a brown blouse, maybe 23 years old, hair dyed with a shade of red. We were waiting to cross Valero toward Ayala Triangle.

When the pedestrian light turned green, she started to cross … and started texting. I waited for her to reach the other side and complete her text.

When she was done, still walking along the pavement,
I said “Hi, this gift is for you.”

She said “Bakit po?” (Why?)
I replied with a smile: “A voice told me it’s you who will own this.”
She asked again: “Bakit?”
I said still smiling: “It’s yours, no strings attached.”

She was obviously taken aback, wondering what was up. I walked ahead of her leaving it at that, leaving her with the book. She probably realized the gift was for real, no strings attached. I heard her holler: “Ano po name niyo?” (What’s your name?)

I told her my name, she told me her name: “Ma-Faye”.
With a look of wonderment, she just said: “Thank you po talaga!”
I smiled back and said “You’re welcome!”

Some people find it hard receiving blessings. I myself am working on being a grateful receiver.

I am a generous giver!
I am a grateful receiver!

Thank You Lord!


Note: This article was originally posted on facebook, January 29, 2013

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