The Prayer of Jabez helps me expand my territory!

Oh, that You may bless me indeed!

And expand my territory!

May Your hand be upon me,

And keep evil far away from me

So that I may cause no pain.

I pray this daily. And it helps me be open to God’s blessings and nudges.

And I say my thanks daily too ;-) . I am grateful for:

  • Time alone.
  • The discipline of cleaning up.
  • The reflection time while I clean-up.
  • The “muscles” I develop while I clean-up.
  • Newly changed linens :-) .
  • My gift for writing. This is one of my 10,000 hour skills. More to come ;-) .
  • The $141.61 dollars I earned through my blog today. More to come! :-)
  • Being invited to help out with APAA . More to come! ;-)
  • Beef stew and sharing it *with* the dining table. Best part: Sharing it with Rezza. Thanks hon! mwahugs!
  • Dusk.
  • Getting out after a day inside.
  • Friendly neighbors.
  • Resources. Today enough. Tomorrow overflowing!
  • Books.
  • Rocks and Crystals.
  • Bo Sanchez’s stories.
  • My friend Grace for being my eyes and ears.
  • My former tenant peacefully preparing to leave my house.
  • Raffy. Jemar, JP, Deanna, Gen.
  • Noee, Jorey.
  • My condo unit.
  • Candles.
  • Re-usable, washable cloth towels.
  • The Prayer of Jabez.
  • Emails from Keric and Atchi.
  • Healing for Atchi. Healing for my family.
  • Laughter!
  • Health
  • Reflection
  • 16 days consistently writing on my Gratitude Journal.

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