What names do you use? Be watchful of your thoughts and your feelings about your name(s). The name can empower you or can hurt you.

I know of people named Madz, Germs, Yacky, Wreck. Imagine what kind of thoughts and feelings one would have with these names. Some of them have changed names to more empowering ones.

* * * *

By suggestion of my friend, Ariel, I’ve began spelling my name to be even more empowering. I sign my name now as “edWIN” .

It’s a reminder to myself that I am a Winner! And I play this game called life always through Win-Win!

* * * *

I was working with a friend, let’s call her Janice Anne. When we talk, I call her Janice Anne. Slowly but surely, she started to resent the way I was talking to her. She realized later that she had bad feelings about being called Janice Anne, especially in the context of our interaction. She explained that her mother used to call her Janice Anne when she was being scolded. She had negative feelings about the name Janice Anne.

She promptly asked me and our friends to start calling her “Joy” which was more empowering for her.

* * * *

I was with my cousin, Cielo, last week. Over dinner, I asked her about Tito Roy’s name given to him by their community leader, Chiara. Tito Roy was given a name “Rico” from the word “miseRICOrdia” . It was a reminder to Tito Roy to always give of himself, even as a sacrifice.

Cielo, on the other hand, refers to the sky in Italian ;-) , being close to heaven, even while here on earth.

There was another community member named “Liksi”, another given a name that meant “Always Yes (to God)”.

When we use names that are meaningful to us, we give ourselves and our names power.

* * * *

What name do you use? Do you have good thoughts and good feelings about your name? Do other people have good thoughts and good feelings about your name? Or is your name meaningless to you?

Have you ever asked your parents how they chose your name? Is it meaningful to you?

Take Action: Reflect upon your name. Write your name at the top of a blank sheet of paper. Below your name, write the question: “What does (your name) mean to me?”

Then write as many words or short phrases to answer your question. How does this list make you feel? In general, does it mean something positive or negative to you. Does it *feel* positive of negative to you?

You CAN CHOOSE to use another name. The choice is yours. Choose a name that empowers you. Or choose to define your name in the way that you want.

I choose to WIN. I am edWIN !

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