Many weeks ago, my friends Maricel and Jhun lent me a movie called “The Secret“. It’s amazing! I shared it to my officemates and friends because I want them to benefit from it to.

Then just last week, I received the email below telling me that I can get more of “The Secret”! Yipee!

While running this afternoon, I listened to Joe Vitale and his messages about The Law of Attraction (see here how you can attract a new car!). You too can listen in. Follow the links below and take a peek into what I listen to to improve my way of thinking …

Mabu-hey! Viva Vital!
ka edong

You’ve probably been hearing (and seeing) a lot about the hit DVD, The Secret lately.

It’s a tremendous documentary revealing how you can use The Law Of Attraction to get everything you want in life.

The Secret features many of the world’s top personal growth leaders including several friends of Peak Potentials Training like James Ray, Bill Harris, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith and Hale Dwoskin.

Many of our friends have shared the powerful message of The Secret during multiple appearances on Oprah, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres and more.

To help you use the Law of Attraction to reach your goals and dreams, our respected friend Bill Harris of Centerpointe has created an incredible new online course called The Masters Of The Secret.

It consists of eight lessons–each of them featuring a detailed conversation between Bill and seven of the other Secret Teachers.

This course is truly special, and Bill has graciously allowed Peak Potentials Training to offer The Masters Of The Secret to you at no charge.


This would be a great deal if you had to pay one hundred dollars (or more), but at no charge, it’s absolutely incredible.

There is one catch, though…

Bill does have some technical limitations on how many people can take the course at once and the system is already approaching full capacity so don’t wait until it’s full (and you miss out).


Remember, it won’t cost you a dime, but you’ll be blown away by the amazing information you’ll learn.

To your success,

The Peak Potentials Training Team