I was a the press screening of “The Last Journey of Ninoy” (As told through the last interview of Cory) through an invite from Bam Aquino and a mutual friend, Tanya.

When I reached Rockwell, I saw Kris Aquino with Baby James waiting for their ride. I greeted her and asked if she was watching the movie. Not that evening daw.

At the theater, I met Bam Aquino. When asked about his debut on the silverscreen, he clarified that “It’s a documentary, not a movie.” Bam has some reservations about referring to himself as an actor. “TV host, yes. Actor, ummm…” says Bam.

The film features the last interview given by Cory Aquino. The interview was done by the film’s director, Jun Reyes. After the interview, kabilin-bilinan daw ni Tita Cory kay Jun: “Pag-igihan mo ‘yan, ha.”

The Last Journey of Ninoy The Last Journey of Ninoy – Bam Aquino interview

The unraveling of the film was utterly graceful. So intimate. It was such a masterful blend of Ninoy and Cory”s speeches, photos, interviews, watercolor paintings (depicting life in prison), TV clips of Marcos, and good music and soundtracks and voice overs to accompany the images.

Bam, of course, was a good “stand-in” (as he says), assisting the viewers in appreciating what Ninoy’s last journey was all like from Ninoy’s point of view.

There were many notables in the movie, but I’ll stick to just just a few, some of which Rapa Lopa had appropriately pointed out before the movie started.

Essentially, there were only two voices in the entire movie. One was Cory’s (a combination of soundbites and videos from two separate interviews) and the other was Ninoy’s. That made the film extremely intimate. We here in front of Cory and Ninoy, listening in on such an intimate story of their lives, from their own voice, from their own perspective. The film was made so masterfully that it was as if Ninoy and Cory “were finishing each other’s sentences”, as Bam pointed out. Awesome!

The movie also captured the spiritual transformation of both Ninoy and Cory. It was wonderful hearing from Ninoy how human he was, sharing about his “death wish” and even kidding about being attracted to the nurses in heart center after 7 years in solitary prison. Even though the couple were apart for many years, they had grown spiritually in their respective experiences. And they grew together. Such strength, such a bond is enviable.

On a personal note, the film was spine tingling. And I say it in a good way. It brought out some of my early memories of Ninoy Aquino’s death (I watched it live on TV with my mom, I was 8 y.o.). It brought out many realizations about how valuable the Philippines and the Filipino is.

Most of the youth (I included) do not realize nor appreciate the democracy that we have today. By watching this film, we will learn the story of our parents and what our country had gone through in the 70’s and 80’s. Through this documentary, we will appreciate better what Ninoy, Cory and countless other Filipinos had fought for.

And by continuing the fight for our continued freedom, the legacies of Ninoy, Cory and our other Filipino heroes shall continue to live.

Interview of Bam Aquino, The Last Journey of Ninoy

The Last Journey of Ninoy - Bam Aquino interview The Last Journey of Ninoy – Bam Aquino interview

Trailer on YouTube

Watch the movie
The film will be shown on TV, August 23 Sunday, 10:30pm on ABS-CBN and ANC.
There are plans of releasing the film for public viewing, also at Rockwell (hopefully in other theaters as well).
The film will be taken for a roadshow as well around universities and high schools around the country.
Contact www.iamninoy.com for inquiries about how your school or organization can view the film.

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9 thoughts on “The Last Journey of Ninoy – A Film all Pinoys must watch!

  1. hello…do you know the songs/soundtrack used for the docu-drama? i really like listening to one music in particular…the one where Tita Cory explains how Sen. Ninoy was so much of an extrovert and how people love him…i really love that track…i hope i can get the soundtrack

  2. it was indeed a great film it refresh the time that i wish i was born into, thanks to those people who work hard to make it possible, i watch it in DVD, i was asleep when i got home but when heard the voice of ninoy on his speech in thisw documentary i lift up my self into bed and rush to dining room were my parents watching it. i was only in the age of learning, but when i finish watching the video i learn a lot, but learning is not enough the things i’ve learned from this video will apply in my related course in economics and it will be valueble. again thanks and i’m hoping for part two haha.

  3. I really appreciate the documentary and I’ve learned a lot.This must to watch by Filipinos in order to know what is really the meaning of what we called freedom and nationalism.

  4. sorry for the grammar..That must be:
    I really appreciate the documentary film and I’ve learned a lot.This must be watched by Filipinos in order to know what is really the meaning of what we call freedom and nationalism.

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