It struck me while I was running my 10Km last Monday.

I’ll be running two marathons on Dec 2 in Singapore.
One will be the 42km marathon around Singapore.
Second will be a Cashflow Marathon.

You see, I have an advocacy for financial literacy especially for OFWs. You can read more about that in

Here’s how it goes:

  1. I will run a 42km marathon.
  2. I will ask family, friends and online visitors to pledge their chosen amount for each kilometer I run.
  3. Proceeds of their pledges will be used for a Cashflow Marathon in Lucky Plaza, Singapore. Lucky Plaza is Singapore’s divisoria, what with our countrymen flocking to that mall on Sundays to be with friends and familiar Filipino products and services.
  4. The Cashflow Marathon will be run by a Singapore-based group (TBD)
  5. We will also promote other financial literacy products like books, audio tapes, online services etc.
  6. I shall solicit or purchase at least 7 cashflow boardgames (worth ~P105,000) which will host 6 new players each so I have 42 cashflow players doing their financial literacy marathon while I do my 42km marathon on Dec 2, 2007.
  7. The boardgames will be entrusted a Singapore-based group that will continue to host Cashflow games and promote financial literacy for Filipinos

That’s my second marathon. And I could use all the help I could get.

What do I need to conquer my Cashflow Marathon? 
(See more updated list at Help Needed)

  1. Singapore-based contacts or group who can organize the event
  2. Cashflow facilitators
  3. Event partners / sponsors
    • Book publishers (Bo Sanchez, Francisco Colayco, Efren Cruz, others)
    • Remittance services (G-Cash, Smart Money, iRemit, LBC, Banco de Oro, BPInoy)
    • Investments (Real Estate, online trading websites, mutual funds, franchises, others)
    • OFW Blogs
  4. Venue — Lucky Plaza Mall — how can I secure space for 7 cashflow games in Lucky Plaza Mall?
  5. Bloggers, Journalists, photographers — people who will spread the word before the cashflow marathon, document the marathon and tell stories about the marathon

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