Last night, I was at the PSI Seminar, experiencing once again the seminar that changed my life one fateful weekend in 2007.

As we were doing an exercise, I found myself being described by my groupmates as “God-centered”. This isn’t among the top descriptions I would typically receive. But maybe through my words and through my actions, it just emanated. Where did it come from?

Gratitude Runeth Over

Gratitude Runneth Over - With Gratitude, blessings increase
Gratitude Runneth Over - With Gratitude, blessings increase

Alam niyo, the past two months, I’ve been especially thankful to the Lord for the life I lead.

It started, perhaps, with being witness to the awesome magnificence of Batanes. All I could say when I was in Batanes was “Thank you Lord!” Such a wonderful world He created.

The gratitude continued as I came back to Manila to live a different life as an entrepreneur, freed from the logistic limitations I had from previous employment.

As I settled into this new lifestyle, I couldn’t help by revel in this new life I am leading.

One time I was in a cafe, sipping my tea at 10 in the morning, preparing for a business/technical meeting. I had imagined this scene many times in the past. Being able to hang-out at a cafe (or park, or resto, or home, or anywhere else I wanted) and do my work wherever I was. I couldn’t help by smile with myself and say “Thank you Lord!”

When I accepted the invitation to go to jail, I was extremely thankful to the Lord for the opportunities coming to me and grateful to be in a position to grabe these opportunities for growth and learning.


Gratitude is so liberating!

It increases the pleasure we have from what we are grateful for.

Gratitude increases our blessings! Gratitude opens the door for more blessings.

Showing my Gratitude

My brother asked me the other day: “What do you do to show your gratitude to God?”

Although there is a deeper pre-text to his question, let me answer the question in a few simple ways.

  1. I pray to the Lord, I praise and thank Him for the blessings I have in this life.
  2. I whisper to myself or sometimes scream out loud “Thank you Lord!”
  3. I gaze up the the sky in reverence and say: “Ang galing mo talaga, Lord!” (AGMT!)
  4. I’ve also learned to deposit into my “gratitude bank” by bending down like in a half-genuflect, form a fist and pull in my elbow along my side (just like tennis players do when they celebrate). It’s all about putting in all our gratefulness in our “gratitude bank” (thanks Jon for the tip!).
  5. I share my blessings with people around, through my words, through my blog, through my being.
  6. And, (yes kuya), I take care of my body, which is the temple of my soul. For this, I’ve been getting more sleep (making up for probably 5 or more years of sleep deprivation). I’ve also eliminated a few bad habits I picked up the past years. Yes, we’re getting better. I take care of myself as a way to praise our Lord.
Yes! Depositing my "Thank You's" in my Gratitude Bank!
Yes! Depositing my "Thank You's" in my Gratitude Bank!

Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called “present”.

So, am I God-centered? Perhaps.

I prefer to say that God has centered me and grounded me. I have accepted my God and I praise Him with the life I lead.

Who we are is God’s gift to us.

Who we become is our gift to God.

ka edong

6 thoughts on “Thanking God All Day, Every Day

  1. great! i’m so happy for u ka edong! gratefulness really cures a burdened heart and heals it fast. i should know, i’ve been there, too! like u, psi helped me a lot and eagles like u inspire me more each day to become a better person and to take care of my relationships. thanks, thanks, thanks….

  2. grabe ka edong! iba ka talaga! everytime i read an article of you, na-ha-high talaga ako. maybe because readers like me can feel that you do not write to impress but you write from the heart. a lot of your articles made me stop and reflect on my life. right now i also feel so thankful for all the blessings i’m receiving from above. i thank GOD for giving you the gift of inspiring others through your writing and i thank you for sharing your gift with us. salamat po.

  3. Hi Lani, Thanks. You’re right, I write not to impress, but to express what is. Tutoo ito, kaibigan. Thanks for leaving a note. ;-)

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