Gratitude Journal Oct 28.

  • Being on purpose.
  • Being decisive.
  • Having fun while doing the tasks.
  • Generally courteous and accommodating suppliers. I guess in Baguio, it’s easier to request for things/favors. And easier to get around too.
  • Adrian and the Citylight staff. Good job guys addressing most of our concerns.
  • Mom allowing us to make these preparations for her.
  • Dad putting together his own share of surprises ;-) . More excited than mom, hehehe!
  • Global Pinoy Center. Having access to such a facility. Being able to video blog about it.
  • Getting paid ;-) .
  • Withdrawing from PayPal. Enjoy the blessings!
  • A bouquet of flowers for Mom. Sweet scent of flowers.
  • Putting together a wonderful slideshow for mom’s birthday celebration. Ang ganda ng nanay ko! :-)
  • Continuing on with my Gratitude Journal. Amen!

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